Cure for a Juice Hangover: Soba Noodle Soup

20150627_025603I came home late after work during which I had a lot of iced drinks. I know it was not good for my body, and it was possible that the coldness could trigger the pain, so I thought I would make myself something hot and nutritious to counter the potential effects. In Japan, you would have ramen as a cure for a hangover, but since my “hangover” was juice-induced, I opted to make soba soup instead. Soba noodles usually need to go through a cold wash before serving to prevent clumping, but I loosened it beforehand so it did not end up as a pile of gooey mess. For the sides, I used leftover slices of smoked goose, zucchini, and Portobello mushrooms. I put them through a quick hot-water bath before setting them onto the noodles. I also made a poached egg in place of the halved marinated egg one would usually find in ramen. To retain its fried-egg shape, I cracked it into a frying pan filled partially with water and sloshed boiling water over it. Finally, I dashed the egg with a bit of paprika and added red yeast sauce for taste.

The smoked goose transferred some of its smokey flavours into the soup and the red yeast sauce added a bit of saltiness. The soup warmed me up and made me feel better. I went to sleep with a full belly as the only discomfort for the night~.^

Yum~ 🙂