Lady of the Night

Yukata Day has finally begun last week. Every summer, for July and August, the girls would put on yukata (summer kimono) for one day of the week when we see clients. It is very popular amongst clients, especially since they are so used to seeing girls in evening gowns and other formal wear. I hardly ever come in on Yukata Days, but this week decided to make an exception to see which one I would be interested in wearing for the festival next month.

yukataAlmost as soon as I finished checking my yukata Mama called me to join Saya, Ayaka and Midori to serve a group of middle-aged Japanese men. Midori received an お土産 (omiyage/gifts from a local place) of dried ramen noodles, which meant that they were regulars. There were five in the group, with the most senior being a 六十代 (rokujuudai/in his sixties). The younger men were quite polite and friendly to me; they recalled from last year’s barbeque that I am still a student, so were careful with me, which made me very relaxed and cherry.

Surprisingly, it was the older ones who had a tendency to get rowdier. I guess that was why it was the high-energy, cutesy-voiced Midori who got along so well with them. From time to time, the man that Midori was with, the “Yakuza” (gangster-looking dude), would turn to me and ask me random questions (e.g., “Will you go out with me?”) just to see my “cute reactions”, and even when I responded without thinking/or was brutally honest to the point of being rude (e.g., “You look too scary for me to answer”), he did not get mad but instead just think I’m cute~

In the group, there was a soft-spoken, reserved man called “Abe”. Noticing Abe-san’s quietness, the “Yakuza” asked him which of the four girls he preferred to spend the night with/liked the best. Not that it mattered, I don’t think, but I still crossed my arm in defense, excusing myself from the selection, haha. After some pondering, Ayaka was chosen, and he spent the rest of the night in her delightful company.

I was happy for Ayaka, as Abe-san seemed like a gentleman (and consistently proved that he was indeed one). On the other hand, I soon noticed that the 六十代 kept staring at me most intently. It was a bit creepy, and so I was not exactly overjoyed when he decided to leave Saya to come after me. While the rest of the men were fine leaving me be as the “potentially-underage-student who strangely works in an adult entertainment establishment”, he was desperate for me to be not only of legal age, but significantly older as well. While everyone respected my decision to keep my exact age to myself and was satisfied to know that I was at least around legal age, this 六十代 was much more persistent. When he could not get me to comply, he proceeded to checking me out, which, I guess, was his way of gauging my age. With the yukata, only my face, neck and hands were exposed, so he grabbed my hand and started feeling the skin, showing it off to the others at its “smoothness and fairness”, even at one point told Saya how rough hers is compared to mine. It was definitely unwelcomed and awkward, but fortunately he did not come off as a pure lecher, like some of the male clients we have had. Growing up, I have always had people who like to get their hands on my skin, from men in my own family/relatives to family friends, our previous landlords and their sons, complete strangers, and even my own guy/girlfriends. In my experiences, it is not unusual for children, especially little girls, to be picked up by family members and friends and to be poked and prodded. Babies are always getting pinched for their soft and silky skin, and I have had straight girls getting attracted to my skin before as well, so while it was rather inappropriate, I tried to understand that it not entirely out of lewdness. He kept to my one hand only, and made sure to feel, pinch, and rub every inch of it. Judging from their generosity I knew that he was a major client, and so I just pretended it was like what my grandpappy used to do, which helped since my grandpappy was also around 60ish when I was still too little for his touching to be considered inappropriate.

六十代 appeared very interested in me, and started asking if I would go out to have a meal with him. Unfortunately, I could not “cute” my way out of this question, so I told him that it is possible if other girls come along, or if Mama allowed. He compromised to include Abe-san, and asked which of the other girls I would like to invite. Ayaka was right in front of me and had been keeping an eye on me, so I asked if she could come along. He was actually serious, and proceeded with the other men to ask the owner if they could take the girls out after work. In the meantime, I made an excuse to go to the washroom. Saya was nice enough to come in after me to see if whether or not I wanted to report to Mama about 六十代, but I minimized it by saying he reminded me of my grandpappy. When I came back, I made sure to keep my hands occupied. He was sharp enough to notice what I was doing and thankfully, instead of becoming mad, simply whispered to others that I was “smart” in doing so in a way that avoided hurting his feelings. To my relief, he also left me alone physically completely. He went on to do the same to Saya, who was fortunately more mature and dealt with it with ease.

I thought I was relieved, until all of the sudden the 六十代 turned to me and popped another random question about which man, out of the ones present, did I like the best. Normally, the girls would answer “everyone” or “of course, you!” However, it did not occur to me to lie or to be 甘え(ame/sweet), as my first thought floated to his younger companions whom I have come to like due to their mannerisms. I considered deflecting the question, but seeing the earnestness of his expression, I decided to just put an end to all this nonsensical “pursuit” and broke the “single’s rule”*. It shocked everyone at the table and succeeded to putting to rest some of their pursuits. 六十代 was indignant, and interrogated me on the level of physical intimacy in my relationship, as he could not believe that his “sweet, innocent Momo-chan” has already been claimed. I went dumb to all of his questions, but he upped the intimacy of his questions without my even giving a clear answer. He was desperate to know how far my boyfriend had “tainted” me, and when I gave him no satisfaction he assumed the worst. Noting his abrasiveness, the younger client beside me came to my rescue by reminding 六十代 that I was still a child (まだ子供ですよ). This stopped him, but he became deflated for the rest of the night.

At the end of service, Mama gave the clients permission to take the girls out. Under the girls’ gentle encouragement and reassurance, I consented, and we were taken to a Chinese restaurant nearby which opened late to cater to the night-clubbers. We were allowed to order anything we wanted, but I refrained and let the girls order. The waiters sneaked looks at us the entire time, as it must have been strange for them to see a group of older men with all these young girls. The clients kept drinking, but fortunately they were good drunks. I had new men beside me, including the Yakuza. I was glad to find that they were proper with me, so I in turn gave them the 大和撫子(yamato nadeshiko/traditional Japanese lady) treatment. 六十代, who was still dejected about what happened earlier, noticed it and complimented me.

Midori was ecstatic and still high despite the lateness. She also ordered majority of the food, including spicy wanton, chashu, beef fried rice, spicy shrimp, veggies and chicken stir-fry. Having hot food in my tummy made me feel better, and I began to relax. Most of the questions directed at me now were about the top local restaurants, as they wanted to plan where to eat for the next day. Aware of their strong budget, I told them about some of the fancy ones I know.

After the meal, Saya and Midori went with the Yakuza, who wrapped his arms around the girls and walked off into the night. Abe-san took the rest of us and dropped off 六十代 at his fancy condonumium before taking Ayaka and me home. I noted that he refrained from drinking too much at night, and observed his gentle manners, so felt safe with him even when I was alone with him. Mindful of him later being asked by 六十代 of my whereabouts, I asked to be dropped off a little further away from my actual address and walked the rest of the way home.

Overall, despite the incident with 六十代, I would say that these men were great clients, not only because they were generous spenders but also because of the way they treated the girls. I felt very safe with the younger men, especially since they see me as still a “child”. I told them I had school so could not go with them for lunch the next day, but I suspect that under the lure of getting taken to the top restaurants in the city may be enough next time for me to say yes again.

*Note: In the entertainment industry in East Asia/Japan, you are encouraged say that you are single so as to not “spoil” the fantasies of your fans. It is not uncommon for (female) idols to be forbidden by their agencies to even date. Female idols are usually required to maintain a “pure” image, which, ironically, also encouraged their sexualization.