My Asia Adventure: Cup Noodle Museum

Before my friend and I parted ways temporarily to go on our respective adventures, we went to the CUPNOODLES Museum in Yokohama. I was misled into thinking we were going to the ramen museum, but cup noodles were fun too~

Cosmo Clock 21


The amusement park was closed, but we snapped pictures outside 🙂

20141218_161451We were greeted by an adorable ducky on a giant CUPNOODLE at the entrance.


The birth of CUPNOODLE~!


Optic Illusion: The CUPNOODLES were in different sizes, but a slanted slope made them seem like the same size~


20141218_145537A replica of the historical monument that housed the birth of the world’s first instant noodle: Chicken Ramen >.<!

The instruments used to make the first batch of noodles before going into the simulated frying pan~


Display of the noodles wall of fame~

20141218_134429 20141218_134445 20141218_134358 20141218_134305

My friend and I opted for the create-your-own CUPNOODLES package.


Step 1: Purchase a blank styrofoam cup


Step 2: Sanitize your hands~! My favorite part ^o^

20141218_141947Step 3: Draw your designs. See the trademark moekko noodie? ^.^


Step 4: Waiting to roll your noodles into the cup


Step 5: Choose your own flavours. I picked curry, shrimp and pork~ (as I thought they were the more expensive ingredients, lol)


Step 6 : Sealing the noodles! What’s instant noodles without a long shelf life?


We finished the tour by stopping by the World Noodles Road where I had a bowl of the original chicken noodle with cheese~


What an encouraging sign~! ^o^


Don’t worry, great founders and leaders~ ChibiMoekko will NEVER GIVE UP (on whatever it is you guys don’t want me to give up)!


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