My Gratitude Diary: Day 256


I am focused on me. I am strong. I love and am loved dearly. I am blessed. I live in success. I have 幸せ (happiness)~

I am grateful for the peaceful sleep 🙂 My landlords are still at the hospital, I believe~

I am grateful for arriving to my consultation on time

I am grateful for having a great and free consultation 🙂

I am grateful to discover that I aced my Visia scores 🙂 Yay!!!

I am grateful for getting so many free samples today

I am grateful for meeting that cute beauty salon owner and had a little friendly argument with him 🙂 Lol, It was actually fun to “argue” with him about his products. The guy meant well and was super nice, but I had to be honest and let him know that his diamond-dust microdermabrasion gel is, well, not worth it’s price due to the packaging, stability and formulation 😉 Trust me, I’m a doctor (almost) 😉

I am grateful for all the free McCafes I had today~ Everywhere little me went, I sought out a McDonald’s, lol, to get the free McCafe

I am grateful for a really gentle session today

I am grateful for the sun

I am grateful for my friends and for being able to treat them to a cappuccino and latte to pay them back (of course, the coffee cost me nothing since I used coupons) I did good deeds that are free for me, lol😜

I am grateful for all the savings I received today ^o^ must be karma that made everything I bought today on sale, free, or discounted – and they’re all the pricier products, too, which made this occurrence extra rare~ I love me some shopping (for necessities), lol

I am grateful for the yummy berries outside our building

I am grateful for knowing that the firefighter is safe, and has been getting his regular dose of ice cream 😉

I am grateful to know that the professional artist did try to forage me berries, but just that they were not ripe. Oh well, at least he tried~

I am grateful for the kind bakeries that consented to sponsoring my efforts to help the homeless ^o^ Good job, me!!!

I am grateful that my dad bought me things from his trip~

I am grateful for having courage today to do what was needed

I am grateful for everything going so well today

Dear Lord:

Thank You for blessing me with a great day. Everything went so well and I believe that You were rewarding me for doing/being good, lol ☺️

I continue to pray for my schoolwork and health, as well as for Anthony’s. Please let him moderate himself when it comes to his favorite drink >.< I believe in him and You!💕

Oh, and really, I’m being honest about the artist’s selfie. I really don’t need to see anymore of his half-naked, sun-enjoying body. Seriously, Lord, it’s not even tempting for little me. Let other girls enjoy his muscles and let me just have his art. Thank You very much!

In Jesus’ name I pray and give thanks, Amen!😄

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