Weekend Cooking: Giant Cookie >.<~!!!

20150719_202856I promised a lot of people cookies over the past few months… so yesterday I finally decided to get onto it. Since this is for other people, I tried to look online for a recipe, but the computer was too slow, haha~ Therefore, I went into this cookie-making business with pure boldness and hope that the results would lead to a cookie.


-Wheat flour

-2 Eggs



-Brown sugar


-Powdered sugar

-Cocoa powder

-Vanilla extract


As usual, I had no clue about the measurements of ingredients as I like to free-hand everything – yeah, I’m dumb/lazy adventurous like that 😉 There was also no cookie cutter, so after mixing everything together, I put the dough in a cake pan and baked it at 350 for the arbitrary 16 minutes. At that point, the butter with which I greased the side of the pan was sizzling and the smell filled the room, which made me believe that it was ready. The result was a giant cookie ^o^


It was actually quite moist and chewy… which means that it worked~!!!


Little me now know how to make giant cookie~!!!


Cut it up like a pizza and serve on the balcony while waving to the people down below, lol~



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