Lady of the Night

I forgot about the annual golf tournament and was surprised to find the lounge full of clients when I went in for work. After the games, everyone came back to continue the festivities. Mama asked me to accompany her to a group of Caucasian clients. She left me with the two Caucasian men, Guy (French) and whatever-his-name-was, while she attended to the only Japanese in the group. I noticed a box of golf balls on the table and several jars of the Kokusui moisturizer, which of course made little me curious.

moisturizerHowever, what I was not expecting was the lewd behavior of the older clients. The unmarried 30ish-looking client of the group was the only one out of the three who was more or less decent and did not try to hit on me verbally or physically; the middle-aged Caucasian, Guy, and the Japanese were both incredibly crude and knew it.

As soon as I sat down, Guy first offered me to see the golf balls using strong sexual innuendos and proceeded to press his palm against my shoulder. However brief, it was still unwelcomed and felt disgusting. I deflected his verbal suggestions by keeping my language clean and on point (e.g., “golf balls”), and also just openly confessed that I have a boyfriend in one of my answers (e.g., “I don’t play golf, but I think my boyfriend might be interested!”). This stopped him from laying another finger on me, but he still wanted to have his fun so went ahead to twist everything innocuous into dirty talk. For example, while discussing the moisturizer he managed to reference specific body parts and talk about the potential effects of the moisturizer on them. At first I did not quite understand what he meant and only suspected he was being inappropriate verbally by his creepy way of talking; however, seeing how unaffected I was due to my lack of understanding, he grew bolder and began to explicitly explain what he meant (e.g., “Will this moisturizer also make my XXX [point to his lower area] soft?”) By that time, even someone as ignorant as I am knew that he was trying to offend/take advantage of me verbally, but thankfully I was able to redirect everything back to decent topics while keeping a huge smile on my face the entire time. In other words, I “judo-talked” him!

The multiple failed attempts to faze me dampened his persistence and impressed him, but what really made him recognize me as an individual was the way how I brought up the topic of his wife and children. At one point during the salacious discussion of the moisturizer, I suggested how he could give it to his wife. He was extremely shocked to find that I know he was married, as his ring finger was well hidden, and he noted how “intelligent” I was, because of my “sharp observation” and “quick wits”. He then told me about his children, the girl who is in her third year undergrad at Queen’s Medical Physics program, and the boy who is on his way to becoming the Dalhousie freshman. I suppose being reminded of the fact that he was trying to verbally harass a girl the same age as her daughter (~.^) made him aware of what he was doing, and he became a bit guilty/apologetic and told me how he knew he was inappropriate and a “dirty old man”. However, the temporarily decency soon faded when his younger friend decided to play a written/dirty version of the game of 21 questions. After a rowdy and crude exchange between the guys, Guy turned his attention to me and asked me the obvious question that every guy seems to want to know about me – in explicit terms too, to make sure I would understand. Thankfully, I saw the question coming: I smiled, took a pen to make a tiny change to the question, and declared proudly that my horoscope is not Virgo 😉 This impressed everyone around the table, and finally stopped Guy’s offensive behaviour. He was very repentant and started apologizing for his behavior. Lol, I rubbed it in by reminding him to love his wife 🙂 Then, he complimented me by saying how “everything about [me] is really, really cute” and that my boyfriend is “a very lucky guy, ” lol~ Although before leaving, he still could not help but try to cop of feel of my back (I was covered from head to toe so it was okie), at least they made sure to laud me profusely to the owner about how “much of a different and interesting personality” I am, as well as how I am “intelligent and professional”, haha 🙂 To be honest, I feel that they were just too easily impressed, lol, but it still felt nice to be lavished with so much praise from someone who was never going to return to the place again (Guy lives quite far away and only came to visit his client)~

My second round of clients were old Japanese men who were obsessed with XXX and were quite obscene in their language. Thankfully, after finding that I’m not a pure-blood, they left me alone as they thought that I could not understand anything they say. While this was great for me, unfortunately this meant that Ayaka had to receive the bulk of the sexual abuse alone. At one point the one with the Taiwanese wife grabbed my hand just to feel my skin, but I slightly resisted and he let go soon enough. During the washroom break, Mama checked on me and noted how vulgar the men were, and suggested that I might as well take advantage of them financially. I did not, but have to admit that it was sure tempting!

I was able to go home early after they left as there were no more new clients, and for which I was grateful. Although this was an uncomfortable experience, it did make me more cognizant of the hardships that the other girls are having and remind me to be vigilant. On the slightly positive side, I did come home with two jars of expensive Kokusui moisturizer. Jar-packaging makes the product essentially useless, but it would still function as a simple moisturizer, lol~ Oh, and I was also able to borrow a dress. Unfortuantely I do not have the body for most of the revealing ones, but I found a few conservative dresses and bought one home to try 🙂