My Nail Story: Onsen Nail Care Kit

It finally happened: A cosmetic saleslady got to me and made her sale. I am now one of those “suckas” I’ve always laughed at in secret~!! T.T

To think, me, of all people! I mean, I used to either do this

unimpressed cat
You talk of nothing, NOTHING!!!

or this


whenever a cosmetic salesperson tries to push any product onto me, so I could not believe myself when I surrendered to the purchase so quickly >.<


As a self-proclaimed scientifically-informed skincare consumer, I have yet to be convinced/impressed by any salesperson, cosmetician, skincare technician, and even dermatologists when they try to push sales on me. In some cases, I may even start arguing back and point out the flaws of their products (e.g., like last week with the poor Italian guy who got heck from me for trying to sell me diamond-dust microdermabrasion gel). However, this all changed when last weekend, I was pulled aside by a gentle Mediterranean saleslady selling Onsen Nail Kits while I was making my way home across the huge mall. She grabbed my hand and started rubbing something on my middle fingernail: “Are you ready? Don’t scream once you see the results!”

I *pffted* in my head and was already scheming of a way to gently let her down when all of a sudden, she revealed the results.

Oh, my GOD~!!!!


My middle fingernail looked like one those celebrity fingernails that I see on TV~!!!! (Or on people who cared enough about their nails, but of course it’s not very often since we’re all students and are either too poor/lazy/un-feminine, etc., or are just guys)

care for beautiful woman legs
Celebrity nails!

She then followed up with a cuticle cream and made it all nice and soft and SHINY~~~

I suppose there is a girl inside me when I responded to the sparkly nail~

I still had some sense in me and did the sane thing by asking to see the ingredients, hoping to find some flaws of the formula by which I could regain some self-composure, but no, the formula was actually – dare I say it?! – great! Granted, it’s not going to penetrate the keratin and cuticles to miraculously make alive the dead layers, but it sure is a nice moisturizer~

I looked at my new, shiny nail; it NEVER shined on its own before (actually, it would be gross if it’s not matte, but still) and for the first time, I felt that it made me a bit ladylike. I actually never knew that these dead things on my fingers were anything to be proud of until in high school when I was informed by female friends that I actually had nails they were jealous of because of how white and healthy they looked (they had yellowish nails which I suspected might have been due to their nail polish). However, it was not until that straight guys who actually don’t know anything about skincare actually noticed them as well that it finally dawned on me that I may be blessed with good nails ^o^

My natural nails, with absolutely nothing done to them and after a long, hot day of training~ Yeah, guess it’s a bit dried and cracked around the edges… Oh, well~

Of course, being the cosmetic idiot and the OCD clean freak that I am, I would waste this natural gift by doing everything I can to destroy it through excessive cleaning and washing. I know that in a few days it would once again look good enough to deceive people. However, as soon as they grow out they would get ripped, broken and cracked because of water damage and exposure to cleansers, or simply through my own tearing it away because it got in the way. This is especially worse in the winter when it’s cold when my hands would start cracking and blistering. Yet, I never learned to preserve them because, after all, in a few days, the nails would grow out again. It’s a never-ending, vicious cycle, really. Anyway, back to the sales story~

So, there I was, genuinely impressed by the demonstration and started to get tempted. Three things were on the saleslady’s side: 1) My fingernail looked really shiny by itself~! >.< 2) I confess that I know NOTHING about nails. Nail polish, manicure, and whatever good ladies do to make their nails healthy and pretty are completely foreign to me, so admittedly I was at a disadvantage because my only armory, the knowledge on ingredients and formula, was already defeated by the impeccable formula 3) My toenails, which have been my main concern for a long time, are ABSOLUTELY HIDEOUS. Years of hot showers plus using my feet as floor wipers (with cloth, of course!) have successfully transformed them into Frankenstein limbs, I’m sad to say. Earlier that day, too, I was lamenting the deplorable state of me wittle feet, which made me especially emotionally vulnerable. With these three reasons, you can understand that it did not take much for the saleslady to convince me.

Ewww, the horror~!!!

However, it was a hefty price of $100, and $50 even after the “door-in-the-face technique”.* To combat her wiles, I brought out the big guns by pleading with the saleslady using my student status (unfortunately, the cute looks would not work on ladies). She conceded after some persuasion, and offered me the final price of $40 for the whole kit, which included a nail buffer, cuticle cream (including free lifetime refills), body cream (don’t really care about this, but looks okie), files (don’t know how to use this) and a lifetime warranty. To make sure I really got the great price, I ran off to the nearest Apple Store to check the reviews and compared local prices. The prices checked out, and so I went back and shelled out the bucks to pay for it~

I now look forward to getting my toenails to look nice and shiny and “ladylike”~

Skincare of a beauty female feet with camomile's flowerNow, if there is only a way I can fix the callous and cracked skin on the bottom of my stinky soles…

Note: A form of persuasion commonly used by salesperson by first giving a ridiculous price which would obviously be refused by normal people. Then, they would act friendly and offer to reduce it as a “personal, secret favour” for the “special” client



  1. Madeline Jones says:

    I hate this shop alot because of their techniques of selling. I would diss them everytime they talk to me and say “ya price is $100 you gonna change to $50 right? cos I am a special client right?” I saw them change the price manually. Unethical and desperate for sales.


    1. Chibimoekko says:

      I’m sorry you feel that way. I understand some salespeople can be quite aggressive and leave a bad taste in our mouths~ Hope you have a better shopping experience elsewhere!


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