My Gratitude Diary: Day 270+271+272


I am focused on me. I am strong. I love and am loved dearly. I am blessed. I live in success. I have 幸せ (happiness)~

I am grateful for the energy despite the lack of sleep

I am grateful for my leg getting better and better by the day 🙂 At least by today the pain is mostly gone~

I am grateful for finally being able to accept a call and that the production accepted my legal documents despite my missing the most recent~

I am grateful for the great training session during which everyone was so kind and considerate to me. The leader even ran out to buy medicine for me, which was very much appreciated

I am grateful for a new friend who was so caring towards me in my time of illness, and who took the time to give me a ride home despite having to do a paper overnight to meet the deadline the next day

I am grateful for the relaxing shift. Ami was super nice to me and risked becoming late herself to dress me in the yukata >.< I really like Ami. Lol, as the previous Chi-Mama, she also gave me sage advice to finally try to put on a little makeup for work, haha~

I am grateful for the opportunity to be on the highly-acclaimed show and for being hand picked by the director ^o^ At first I was skeptical when I was told that the director specifically asked for me as I had thought it was a ruse to get me in since I have yet to accept any bookings, but after I arrived on set I found out it was true, and for which I am very grateful 🙂 Apparently, I was cast specifically for the scene/role. Because I had never accepted a call until this week, they had to use another girl for all the previous scenes, but once I accepted they immediately replaced her with me and agreed unanimously that I was the right choice >.<

I am grateful for the opportunity to wear a very beautiful and expensive vintage costume 🙂 Apparently I was the best-dressed in that scene, even more than the main actors~!

I am grateful for the makeup artist to have the patience to do my makeup from scratch (lol, as I did not even have foundation on), and for paying so much attention to me despite my minor role. I was so greasy due to the layers of sunscreen and thankfully she was patient and kept retouching me for hours. I was also lucky in the fact that my eyelashes were long enough to not need mascara, only eyeliner 🙂 Ami told me the same thing, how my own lashes were long enough by themselves ^o^ I don’t like mascara and fake lashes as they need makeup remover, which I do not have >.<

I am grateful for all the praise and compliments from the crew 🙂 Everywhere I went people told me how awesome I looked (I think it’s all thanks to the wardrobe/hair/makeup, really)~ The first reaction the director had when he saw me was, “Wow, she looks gorgeous!” I also received compliments from everyone about how I played my part, as I apparently did better than the previous girl despite my inexperience. They were all surprised that this was my very first time on a film set, and the historical/cultural consultant told me I was “perfect” 🙂

I am grateful for the opportunity to meet so many great people on set, including some very well-known actors 🙂

I am grateful for getting treated so well on set. I played a very minor character, but everyone was super kind and friendly to me. I was the only one out of the minor roles to be given a chair to rest in, my own water brought in, and, more/most importantly, direct face/camera exposure~!!! This is very rare for a complete newbie such as little me, so I am very grateful for this 🙂

I am grateful for all the people on set who had the patience and grace to initiate conversation with me. I do not have much social-media knowledge as I watch very little shows/movies, and plus I could not wear glasses in fear of ruining my makeup, so at first I had no idea who all the celebrities were until I was told/googled later >.<I am grateful that they all deigned to ask who I was and talk to me on their own. I got a lot of compliments from one of the main characters on the show who kept talking to me and who thought I was very “cute” //>.<// Lol, he also thought I was very young (“16?”) 😉

I am grateful for all the yummy catered food I had 🙂

I am grateful for getting paid so well 😉 Union rate!!

I am grateful for such a positive first experience. I was told that I was very lucky, and I agree. I feel very much like a spoiled little kitty 🙂

I am grateful for how smoothly everything went for me ^o^ I had absolutely no acting experience (save for school productions) and in truth had very little knowledge about the specific skills they had in mind for me, yet somehow I knew everything they were talking about and even helped the consultant correct the director 🙂 I look forward to the episode when it airs on TV in the fall, and for potential continuity in the show (if I have time)

Dear Lord:

Thank You so much for blessing me with this experience 🙂 You led only the good people to me and I am very grateful for this.

I pray for my training to go well, and for my school directions. Please bless Anthony at his work and watch over his body. It is so hot and humid recently. Please keep him hydrated 🙂

In Jesus’ name I pray and gives happy thanks to, Amen!

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