Little Things that Matter

enjoythelittlethingsinlifeOver the long weekend, I was told by two different people how I helped her/him pay attention to the little things in life.

Upon seeing the berry posts I had on my Facebook, she asked where I had found them on campus and told me how nice it is to be reminded to pay attention to the background when so many simply hurry by. There are actually many edible plants on campus, but they are rarely noticed by the thousands who walk by each day. When I stroll through campus, I found myself smiling at the blossoming flowers and thriving plants, and giving thanks for them. It is therefore not difficult to notice there are wild edibles here and there hiding in the bushes. Little treasures are everywhere – all you need to do is walk a little slower and look 🙂

20150707_153328He accompanied me to hand out the sandwiches and told me how the act helped him to “see” the people on the streets who are forgotten by everyone else. I have been working at the club for a while now, and very often see people begging on the busy night streets. Like many, I used to suppress my conscience and walk right by them. However, over the past year, I just could not pretend that I do not hear their cries anymore. People we can help easily are all around us – some are visible, some are not. I think I just want to help direct more attention to the latter is all.

IMG_1505On set last week, one of the women’s washrooms inside the studio broke down. As it was closed down, no one went in. I was wearing a 下駄 (geta/traditional Japanese footwear), which made it difficult to walk. Plus, I only needed to wash my hands, so entered tentatively and found the plumber had already taken out the entire toilet and was hard at work repairing it. I know personally that as a clean freak if I had no washroom access, I’d go crazy, so I thanked him and told him how much I appreciated this difficult background work he was doing. I suppose no one ever took notice of him, so when I thanked him, he lit up immediately and gave me the most sincere good wishes of the day.

I do not think my recent behaviour is due to the fact that I have gotten kind(er), but I do know that practicing daily gratitude has helped me see and appreciate the many little things in life, be it people or environment. We are often told to take a step back to “see the whole picture”, but I think that when it comes to kindness and caring for others, it is the individual trees that count the most. I know that I am not doing anything groundbreaking or of monumental significance, but I know that, however little, I am effecting the changes I want to see in the world: it all starts by noticing and appreciating the little things around me 🙂