My Sun Protection Obsession + Secret Brand Revealed~

2A96637B00000578-3163536-There_are_numerous_myths_around_suncream_including_you_can_t_get-a-30_1437054881748I will be the first to admit that I am obsessed with protecting my skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Admittedly, my fever has died down over the years to the point that I may sometime acquiesce to the sun to kiss my naked face morning while I get more sleepy time in, or that I may occasionally allow the daytime world to see me without my full-metal gear, but that is still rare. Over the past year, there actually have been more times than I would have liked when I was caught without adequate sun protection due to unexpected sleepovers, which made feel that I should be more vigilant when going out and make an effort to stay at home more often so that I do not need to weather more direct/indirect sun exposures. Moreover, I am hoping to give my skin more rest from the sun protection; even though I do not use makeup, I feel that the long hours of wearing sun protection have been unnecessarily stressful to my skin given that, much like makeup, they mostly sit on the surface and accumulate pollution particles. Most importantly, staying at home more would help me save on sun protection, as the ones I use are not priced so student-friendly and I have literally been draining them like crazy >.<

As cheap frugal as I am, I am actually very much willing to cough up the big bucks for these liquid uv-shields. I see them as an investment to my future aspiration of (hopefully) becoming a 美魔女 (bimajo/”beautiful witch”/women 35+ with excellent skin condition and who are still able retain their girlish appearance). To that end, I apply sun protection whenever I go outside, which is almost daily – but I’m hoping to change that soon by becoming more of a hermit!

My current sun protection routine:

Layer 1) Tinted sunblock SPF 30

Active Ingredients: 100% inorganic z-cote

Texture type: Lotion

Price: $$

Description: This is my base layer. It has the gentlest formula and an active ingredient with the most inclusive protection. The slight tint offsets the white cast and helps make me more human. It is a sheer-light moisturizer with excellent combination of anti-oxidants, anti-irritants and cell-communicating ingredients.

Layer 2) Sunblock SPF 30

Active Ingredients: 100 inorganic mix of z-cote and TO

Texture type: Lotion

Price: $$

To enforce the base layer. Like the base layer, it offers extra moisturizing and skin-healthy benefits to fight against the sun. There is no colouring in this formula, but it is not needed due to its light coverage.

Layer 3) Sunscreen SPF 60

Active ingredients: Mix of inorganic/organic with known stabilizers

Texture Type: Cream

Price: $

Description: Despite its non-greasy claim, it is formulated to be a heavy cream that is best suited for those with dry skin. If not for its longer-lasting protection, I would not have been willing to add this to my routine to make me look like an oiled-up duck. Literally, as a cream, this thing sits on my skin and has ruined several of my photos already, but I still use it because of its patented stabilized formula that help it retain its efficacy longer (though definitely not as long as it advertises, as even the most effective sunscreen actives will break down from sun exposure – actually, that is what it is supposed to do!).

Note: This pricy, fancy brand French-name sunscreen is actually disguised on the market as one of those “commoner” products and which I will expose at the end of this post 🙂

Layer 4) Sunscreen SPF 50+

Active ingredients: 100% organic

Texture: Liquid+lotion

Price: $

Description: A sheer coverage of basic sunscreen with some more antioxidants. It is a pure sunscreen, but with added antioxidants. I use it in a wishful attempt to offset the greasiness but most importantly to cover up any leftover spots I might have missed. I’m guessing that my way of using it somehow mirrors the function of powder in makeup? @.@

Future directions: I am currently trying out a couple new inorganic sunscreen in the hope to add them to my routine as I find that I may need more “block” than “screen”. I also may become more bossy active in getting people around me to use more sunscreen >.<

Oh, and the big “exposé” is…

La Roche Porsay’s “peasant” doppleganger is L’Oreal Ombrelle~~~!

Identical or similar formula for several sunscreen, only cheaper priced! Shows that it always pays to read the ingredients ✌🏻


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