My Gratitude Diary: Day 286

I am focused on me. I am strong. I love and am loved dearly. I am blessed. I live in success. I have 幸せ (happiness)~

I am grateful for waking up with very little soreness and pain. There was still a little fatigue left, but most likely due to my late-night shift and not because of my condition, for which I am grateful 🙂

I am grateful for being able to get up and go to school today

I am grateful for catching the bus just as I arrived to the stop~

I am grateful for having no creepy old men staring at me today >.<

I am grateful for the blackberries that are almost all ripe~ I am so looking forward to coming to campus to pick up on the weekend~! I can’t believe people would just walk by them as if they did not exist! No one seemed to be taking notice that there are soooo many ripe berries hidden in the bushes and simply walked past them – oh well, more for little me 🙂

I am grateful for being able to keep my calm after coming into the office and finding it in mass disarray. I was very shocked at its messy state and found evidence which led me to suspect it was the senior (I was right). After some thought, I decided to send out the email below to my colleagues. This is my first time ever speaking out, as I usually just clean everything up by myself in silence, but this time my office was in such a mess that I almost burst into tears when I saw it.

“Dear all,

Please pass this to your RAs as well.

I would appreciate whoever has been using [my office] during my absence to please clean up and move back the furniture after your use. Our lab is an open space and [my office] in particular due to the printer, and so it’d be great if we could care for it as if it is our own private space. I’m sure no one likes finding water spills, leftover food, disorganized paper, stolen properties and misplaced items when they return to their office, and this has been a recurring and frequent case in [my office] – in particular, every time when I come back after not being in the office for even momentarily. I have been cleaning up and replacing every misplaced item and hoping that each time would be an isolated case as I have been mainly the one using it but it also saddens me to see that this office has not been given the same attention and care as others. Today, I return to find that there is water on the computer, furniture taken out, misplaced books/posters, personal files meddled with, and doors blocked by boxes. This is the first time I have spoken out, as I am very much horrified with the disregard this office has been given, especially when personal files/items are involved and I would appreciate your attention and respect in taking this matter seriously.



I am glad that I stood up and made this issue known, because soon after I sent it out, the senior replied to confess and apologize! She has never apologized before and I really appreciated it because I did not name anyone in the email, so she could have easily ignored it. I was really glad to see her prompt response and apology, which made me feel that I did the right choice by speaking up and not just clean it up again in silence 🙂

I am grateful for the incidence with the senior today to teach me that it is okay to speak up and let people know instead of enduring everything in silence. I know I have a problem with not telling people whenever things are not right. For the longest time, I have simply been cleaning up my office whenever people came in to borrow it and then left it at that. Also, other than my doctors and supervisor (obviously I cannot hide this from him!), no one knows about my health condition, but even then my supervisor only has an inkling of what I have. Therefore, I am grateful for what transpired today to remind me that perhaps it is okie to be a bit more open~ (Maybe >.<)

I am grateful for the food I received today 🙂

I am grateful for my chiropractor friend, who continues to be soliticous about offering his services to me 🙂

I am grateful for further apologies from the chef. He explained what happened the last time he contacted me, which really helped me to understand what he did~

I am grateful for having peace and happiness today 🙂

Dear Lord:

I pray for tomorrow’s meeting going well~! I have several tomorrow, and hope that they all work out 🙂

As always, I pray and give praise to You for my love with Anthony 🙂

In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen~



  1. Chibimoekko , I am so proud of you for standing up .You are not a cleaning lady and only you can put your worth on yourself and no one else. Never be afraid to speak up when people disrespect or use you. Then people will see you as a high quality woman.

    I like picking berries and eating them . I also make pies with them. YUMMY wish I was there .

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  2. Chibimoekko says:

    Thank you for your encouragement, Seahorse~! I feel like this is a good step towards proper communication between my colleagues~

    Oh, pie is such a great idea~! I bet your pies are heavenly. You’re such a great cook 🙂


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