Lady of the Night + Pink Yukata ^o^

To my great joy, the shift I had earlier this week helped made up for my last few physically miserable days during which I spent in bed writhing in pain, soreness and extreme fatigue caused by my condition. As much as I loved my comfy bed, rather than remaining there, I felt it would be more beneficial for me to at least make an income while “wasting away” so I volunteered to go in when Mama called saying that they needed girls 😉

Since it was already dark when I left home, I need not be in my daytime “full-metal gear”. I suppose this was what led to the drastic shift in attitude from people I encountered on my way to work. The women more or less ignored me, as usual/expected, but the men seemed very distracted. Lol, for example, on the bus, I had a teenage boy with an Afro who was so busy staring at me that he literally had the cliché accident in which he slipped and crashed into the ladies in the front seats. On the streets, I had a guy who stopped talking to his lady partner just to look at me pass by, and a gentleman who complimented me in a friendly, non-sexual way. What a change! Three days ago during the day, I kept having old Caucasian men in shorts (for some reason, it’s always the seniors wearing shorts @.@) staring creepily at me while acting like I would not notice their rudeness in my “blindness”.

Coincidentally, it was Yukata Night when I arrived. I have been spoiled thus far to always have people dress me, but this week I thought to myself that I should not be so dependent and so tried to dress myself for the first time. I had borrowed a pink yukata to wear to the festival last month and forgot to spread it out after washing, but thankfully it was dark so the wrinkles were less noticeable. I think I did okie for my first time; when Ling Ling saw me, she asked me to help Miki, who just stepped out of the dressing room seeking help. Although I did not do mine very well, it was a lot easier to dress another and I made Miki up neat and pretty in the green yukata I wore the last time 🙂

20150812_205821 I thought it would once again be an easy shift and had just settled down on the comfy armchair to relax when Mama called me and Miki to serve a group of new Japanese clients. I was fortunate enough to have the youngest two of the group and found myself in great company. Neither men were lewd in any way, even during their love confessions they managed to inhibit themselves physically and were not at all offensive in their language. It also helped that they were very much in control of their alcohol consumption, which ensured my safety 🙂 At first I thought their interests in me were more of a tease similar to how older guys liked to embarrass me when I was in kintergarten and elementary by kneeling down and proposing to me, but when even their only female client (and also our only female client), also agreed to their compliments of me I thought it might be safe to actually take them for real~

The “pursuit” from Nao(?)-san was more hilarious than serious, and he toned down drastically upon letting slip about his son (and his marriage). Apparently, he hid his family from everyone, so when he slipped up to me and I let the cat out of the bag to everyone, it surprised his clients and his colleagues. He then confessed that he loved his son, but paused when it came to his wife. I was able to get him to show me his son’s pictures on his phone, and noticed how he did not have his wife’s photos amongst them, which seemed a bit sad. His son was only 18-months old and looked quite bouncy 🙂 I hope Nao(?)-san will take joy and pride in his family once he returns home~

On the other hand, Ito-san’s interest seemed more serious. As the youngest of the group at 24, Ito-san proclaimed himself “rich”. Although I am not sure if he was so, it was the fact that he was in control of the budget the company had set for entertaining clients – a very generous amount which he tried to use to bribe/spoil me. Obviously I could not accept his offer, but it was still nice how he allowed me to order anything I wanted for the group ^o^ (Lol, I cleaned out all the mojitos we had in stock, including all the summer flavours~!) Upon finding out that I was taken, he was clearly frustrated, but still treated me like a princess, which was very much appreciated. It was actually very funny how he kept trying to find out the details of his “competition” because the more he found out, the more dejected he became (e.g., “He’s a former model? [Yes] Then he has muscles? [Yes, he goes to the gym and works out] Grr, how am I supposed to compete with that?” [Lol]).

I really liked Ito-san, especially since he acted in the same way that reminded me so much of my love (e.g., sneaking looks at me, and turning away quickly to tell his client how “カワイイ” (kawaii/cute) I was, and tightening his body/slapping himself to remain in “control”, lol~). Most importantly, I think that, unlike other clients, what made me feel safe was how he emphasized that if he could not have me as a girlfriend how much he would have liked an 妹 (imouto/little sister) as cute as I am >.< Apparently, I was exactly his “type”, which was very rare back home in Japan. At first I thought he meant a 眼鏡っ娘(meganekko/glasses girl), but obviously that did not made sense as glasses-wearing girls are everywhere; however, even upon clarification he could not pinpoint the specific qualities that made me a rare “type” save for “pure” – whatever that means, probably the no-makeup part. Truth be told and as stupid as it sounds, I still think it’s the glasses, as no girl in the business wears one~.^

Ito-san kept asking when I would come in next and was openly disappointed when he found out that he may not see me again, as I would not be in again until the weekend and he was going back to Japan the next day. I did not mean to, but I accidentally sent both him and Sao(?)-san on a rollar-coaster ride of emotions throughout the night. Both men became thrilled when they found out that there were girls who would not mind being taken out by clients and was about to ask Mama for permission when I shot them down by telling them I had school the next day and would not be in again until after they left the country.

All night long Ito-san kept trying to see if there are ways to see more of me during his little time left here in the city. His attention to me was so bold that even the men with Miki and Saori took notice. I have to admit that Ito-san was one of the best clients – physically speaking – I have ever served. He was actually good-looking (in my books), tall (around 6′-6’1), young (less than 25), and tanned (real), all of which were rarely seen in the younger (esp. Japanese) clients we have had; if not for the obvious fact I think I would not have minded accepting his offer to take me out 😉 (Yes, I think it is quite obvious by now how I can get lured by food…)

Miki and Saori, who were with the other clients of the group, were very nice about the men’s attention to me. I know Miki was grateful for my help earlier as she specifically told the clients and Mama how I helped dress her, but I think both she and Saori really just thought I was too young to be much of a threat. They were surprised how the clients actually oriented their departure around my schedule, but were still gracious about the fact how the clients only stayed until I left for the last train. Mama was the only one who did not seem happy, supposedly because Ito-san still had a large amount left from the company budget and despite being openly frustrated on how to spend the rest of the money in one day (“There’ll still be so much money left over even after lunch tomorrow!”), decided not to spend it at our expensive establishment and instead chose to leave at the same time I was signing off.

Before he left, Ito-san tried to make sure that I would not forget him. He could not ask for my contact given the obvious, but presented to me his business card using both hands and a bow, which was a very respectful way in Japanese culture. He said that he did not expect me to remember him, but told me that if I ever came back to Japan he would be responsible for all of my expenses – how sweet 🙂

Ironically, I missed the last train because I took too long to clean myself up after work >.< and had to take the late-night bus home. At the bus stop, I was hit on by a young Spanish bartender who wanted to invite me back to his home. He was cute enough, but of course not my type as I only have eyes for one 🙂 He was gentle and expressed his interest in me in an open and respectful manner rather than the blatant way how men usually go by at night-scenes. He was actually very articulate and understanding when I declined by way how, as a girl, I should be more cautious in talking to strangers at night. What was even more remarkable was that he still remained respectful and even raised some good points about gender equality after I declined. Funny enough, his name was Antonio~.^

I stopped by the McDonald’s close to my house after I got off the bus and bought myself a bacon McDouble and a large fries >.< I gobbled them all up, along with the greasy mayonnaise, right before going through my nightly routine and straight to beddy time, because it is just like me to live dangerously, mwahaha~