My Online Shopping Hauls

Last month was my first time ever doing clothes shopping online. It all started when I planned to buy a frying pan for my mommy, but she eventually abolished the idea and I got distracted to browse the clothing section >.< I admit that I was initially hesitant because of the horror stories about scamming retailers, deceiving pictures, poor-quality garments, and ill-fitting sizes. However, encouraged by my risk-free back-up plan, I decided to go ahead and made the following two purchases:

1. Off-shoulder 3/4 Sleeves Pullover Bodycon Sheath Dress / Regular Price: $12.90 / Size: XS

61LVijGK62L._UY879_It was specified that the model in the picture is about 5’3 tall. The sheath dress came in three colours: blue, green and black. I chose black because in case of a massive fail, I still have the protection of the illusion created by the black & white stripes I like it better than the bruise-colour options >.<

2. Sylish Long Sleeved Cross V-Neck Tight Fitted Women Dress / Regular Price: $12.60 / Size: XS


The model in the picture is about 5’1. The dress comes in black and grey. Admittedly, the dress looks a bit too sexy for my usual taste, but I have always liked a dress of the same design that some of the girls have worn to work, so this one clicked with me as soon as I laid eyes on it. I chose grey just to add a little colour variation. Although my *ahem* is not as dynamite as the model, our height and curves are similar, which made me more confident in the purchase. After all, it is not like I am going to go commando underneath~

Total: $25.50 vs. Actual Spending: $0.00

Spending: After a little ingenuity, my total bill came to a whopping total of zero ^o^!!! How did I do that? Well, by using my accumulated gift card balances 🙂 A few years ago, I took advantage of a promotion and racked up a bunch of gift card rewards. Over the past few years, I have been reaping the efforts by making various purchases online. Since I am using gift cards, I did not have to worry about any of the risks inherent to making online, international purchases 🙂

Size/Fit: This was really the only concern I had, due to that I cannot see and verify the product until after its delivery. Not that I need to try on clothes – because, yes, I am so lazy/unfeminine that I buy clothes without trying them on first – but it is the size warning that had me concerned.

The size chart that the retailors provided

In Canada/States, XS can translate to medium size in Asian countries, and since I am purchasing the tight items from an Asian retailer that warned about size differences to their international clients, I was a little wary that I would explode out of these form-fitting dresses like those disgruntled online customers that appear in urban legends~

From sexy…
…to um…

  Thankfully, I fit perfectly into both dresses and so have managed to avoid the disturbing image above that has deeply entrenched itself into the memories of many online shoppers since its appearance 🙂

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