Date-night Dinner ^o^

I made everything from scratch using my own original recipes, except for the pineapple cake 🙂

To prepare for this special dinner, I made sure to know the sources of all ingredients and minimized all salt and sugar (adding none as they were already enough in the ingredients). The result is a healthy, nutritious and delicious homemade dinner – perfect for a romantic date night at home ^o^


Salad: Organic quinoa with Vietnamese-inspired peanut-sauce dressing.

Ingredients: Organic American quinoa, Japanese seaweed, American pecans, Canadian peanut butter, organic Taiwanese soy sauce, Malaysian sesame oil, Canadian local cucumber, & roasted black Taiwanese sesame



Entrée: Spinach-cream omelette with mayo~!

Ingredients: Canadian goat milk, Canadian local free-range eggies, organic American spinach, tiny red bell pepper, unknown mayo (lol), local Canadian sweet grape tomatoes



Dessert: Preserved fruits 3-way with dried cranberries, mulberry jam, and pineapple cake

Ingredients: Dried American cranberries, Taiwanese mulberry jam, Taiwanese pineapple cake

Little me feels like such a kitchen witch ^o^

Cheers 🙂