Lady of the Night

So I accidentally made a few promises to clients that I may or may not keep…

When I went in the first night, Akira called me over to ask if I was in touch with any clients. I was surprised he asked, given how it should have been obvious. I know for a fact that I am the hardest girl from whom to obtain contact: My privacy is something I guard fiercely against the clients – even against the girls, though to a lesser degree. Ironically, for those rare clients whom I consider decent/safe enough for me to consider giving my number to, most of them are actually too “decent”, too “safe” to brave me for my contacts for fear that they may be breaking the law or committing some immoral act by socializing with an underaged girl (lol). These are the clients who would defend me against their rowdier friends and tell them to mind themselves before me so as not to lead me astray, scare me, or inadvertently break the law~.^ Unless, of course, they are visiting from Japan (where the age of consent is younger) or are so enamoured with me that they are willing to risk overstepping legal and moral boundary. The latter is, apparently, the case with my last client, V.

V and his friend, R, were the first round of clients I had that busy night. V was Japanese-Canadian, but looked more Chinese/Cantonese like his friend, R, who was clearly from Hong Kong. Maiko was called away to drink with another group, and Mama sent me to replace her. When I arrived, they were playing Crocodile Dentist, only that instead of drinks, the loser had to be punished with a finger tap on the forehead.

The objective of the game is to push down its tooth one by one to find the “sore tooth” that would trigger the croc’s chompers. The loser is the one who pushes the tooth that made the jaws close.

Strangely, the toy rarely closed its jaws on me even when there were a couple of teeth left. Mika was a bit indignant as I went without punishment for a long time when everyone else had already been punished several times. Therefore, when finally I was “hit”, R, who thought I was just a kid, was thrilled and gave me a good finger whack on the forehead. Despite that it did not hurt, I still did not appreciate it, and complained how it was not a nice game. The toy closed down on me three more times, but from then on V was always the one doling out my punishment and he made sure to only touch me lightly (which Mika thought was very やさしい/nice of him), unlike his friend and Mika, who whacked down on each other – and V whenever he became the loser – as hard as they could.

They toy eventually broke after too many rounds, which gave V and R a chance to pay more individual attention to me. R’s interest in me was more in my voice, as apparently I reminded him of his Japanese ex-best friend, Yumiko, before she went off the deep end. Unfortunately, he and “everyone who knows her now hate” her because she is “crazy”. Fortunately, I reminded him of the good side of her when they were still best buddies @.@

On the other hand, V suspected that I was potentially underage, but thought me too interesting to give up. His interest led him to want to know whether or not I had a boyfriend, to which I told the truth. V became aggrieved, but unlike Ito-san who compromised to perhaps having me as a little sister, V became determined to crush his competition by offering me double or more of whatever qualities and treatment Anthony has and is giving me. Anthony is kind? V promised to be the kindest gentleman I will ever see. Anthony is generous? V was willing to become twice as generous for me to abandon Anthony and jump abroad his love boat. Each polite refusal just fuelled him more, and he became bolder and bolder with each offer. (At one point, I entertained a wicked thought to tell him that Anthony is a drop-dead gorgeous former model to see how he could outshine that, but of course refrained as that would just be cruel >.<)

V’s pursuit was sweet initially. However, as much I hate to admit it, his undiminished enthusiasm soon turned a little sad when he abandoned his good-guy demeanor to attempt that of a suave player’s. It was evident that V was lacking in the romantic department and had little, if any, romantic experiences (which was later confirmed by his friend, who confided in me in secret in an attempt to persuade me to give him a pity date). By the time they had to leave, V was promising me the world and the best boyfriend I would ever have – if only I would give him a chance by going on a date with him, even if it meant a group date (my initial strategy to thwart him). He was so desperate that he even gave me the option to walk out on him if I did not enjoy the date. I eventually consented to having a group date with Mika and R tagging along as chaperone, but still did not give out my contact and instead told them that they would need to contact Mika if they needed to reach me. V was satisfied and prepared himself to leave. Meanwhile, R pulled me aside to tell me that he had never seen V interested in a girl before, and vouched for the latter’s integrity and character. They left thinking that Mika and I would go out with them the following week. Little did they know that Mika actually does not have my direct contact information… >.<

My second client was a group of drunk Chinese men who came to celebrate their friend’s 56th birthday. Thankfully, a new group of young English-speaking clients soon walked in and Mama switched me to them. My third group were a mixed group of Korean (Jason), Chinese (forgot name), Brazilian (Rodrigo) and French-Canadian (Quinn). Rodrigo was an actor, singer and producer who was recently casted to be on a popular Portuguese soap opera in the fall. He was excited for filming to start, as the show has 20 million views in South America/Mexico, which means that it would be a great break-through for him. He was an excellent singer, and show-offed his talents with Frank Sinatra’s “I did it my way”. Quinn was also an actor and was recently casted to play a small part in an upcoming comedy. He is currently still working in an upscale Japanese restaurant downtown along with his two Asian friends. Quinn was young and brash, and despite being drunk he was still decent and was actually quite a fun personality~ He rendered “Love” and “Unbreak my heart” quite well, and thought I was overly generous about his vocal talents when I was actually being honest >.^ The guys stayed until almost closing time. Before they left, Quinn told me his hours and location and made me promise to come and visit him at the restaurant so that he can try to treat me to dessert (I checked their restaurant’s website later, and their cheapest dessert was $12!! >.<) or at least something~ I think I will try to visit Quinn, given that the restaurant is actually quite famous and so it would be a good opportunity to get sweet deals from someone who works there 😉

green tea opera
Green Tea Opera: The dessert I have my eyes on >.<

After I left work, I walked the streets to pass out the rest of the sandwiches to the homeless individuals before going to a local late-opening poutinerie and getting myself a poutine with Montreal-styled smoked meat~ I stuffed myself with cheesy fries and meaty gravy while rushing for the late-night bus. It was already very late, but as it was a clubbing district there were still crowds, so I took the back alley to avoid letting people see me being so un-Japanese >.<

On the bus, that Spanish guy who tried to pick me up earlier this month, saw and approached me again. I probably looked like a mess with gravy stains all around my mouth, sweaty hair/clothes from running, and hands full of napkins, but he apparently did not care and still wanted to see if I would go drinking with him. I got a better look at him this time given that he was right in front of me and in direct light, and confirmed that he was actually quite good-looking, but I still was not interested. He persisted and even tried to grab my keys. Being the germaphobe that I am, I really did not like him trying to touch me, so I pretended to be scared and told him so. He appeared to be offended and finally gave up. He left me alone for the rest of the ride home before bidding me goodbye. Thank God 🙂 I really could not handle more guy-attention that night >.<