Meet Willie


This is Willie, a cheerful man who is currently living under one of the major bridges downtown. I was fortunate enough to have him tell me his story while passing out triple-berry jammy sandwiches this past weekend. Willie was polite and patient with me when I asked him questions about his life story, and gave me his enthusiastic consent when I asked for his permission to share it.

Willie travelled from New Brunswick to provinces all around Canada, including Saskatchewan, Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia. He was back and forth between provinces to find work, but, unfortunately, to no avail. He held random jobs here and there as a dishwasher, but wanted to find things related to construction as he likes hands-on labour. Despite meeting tough conditions in life, Willie has remained positive and cheerful, which is exemplified in the message from John Lennon’s song that he would like to pass on to people in Vancouver: “Give Peace a Chance” 🙂

While I was listening to Willie’s story, I was touched to find that a young man came up to him to give him an entire new souvlaki plate as well as the middle-aged Christian, Eddie, who offered to buy him food at McDonald’s and was kind enough to check on me. I was glad to have talked to Willie and gotten to know his story, which made me appreciate the blessings I have in my own life all the more.


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  1. Hello Chibimoekko ,Thank you for sharing this with us .It is a lovely thing that you are doing ,you will get hundred folds in return for your kindness . Yes it does make us appreciate the blessings we have from our God.
    Hugs Chibi . Keep Smiling and Sharing .
    Love Agili Agnes Parcesepe

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    1. Chibimoekko says:

      Thank you so much Agili! I always feel so encouraged by your kind words and gentle spirit. You have done great things for your community with your gorgeous artworks too. Love and huggles 😄


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