Moekko’s First P*** Shoot?!?!

20150926_184737 I seduced A professional kindly lent me his portable photo studio and expensive Sony camera to help me shoot my first ever foodp***~~~ \^o^/

My model was a freshly-baked whole-wheat choco cake, of the brown(ie) race. She was young, hot, and a bit tender after coming out of the oven. She was quite sweaty due to the heat, but after taking her cover off I thought she looked so great that I did not even think about putting her through makeup. Why not? I thought. Let’s just do it naked!!! No garnishes, no fancy plating, just full frontal nudity – yeah, baby~!!! >.<

3425318_1386459021225.57res_500_281It was my very first shoot, and I was so excited that I just grabbed the first plate I saw when I opened his cabinet. I plopped her onto the plate and sent her off to the shoot. Big rookie mistake.

20150926_233138Nevermind that it was a Japanese-style plate. Nevermind the wrong colour scheme. Nevermind the mismatched backdrop. Nevermind the shaky hands. Nevermind the ugly lighting. Nevermind the strange angles.

*Sigh* (T.T)

Oh, well, at least I’m not the one who had to take her after I was done~


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