Shameless/Passive-Aggressive Procrastination Post

0e42cca0294ff0d89ed27570e61ab2ecOkie, I’m just going to lay it all out~ Just need to come clean about what I’ve been doing recently, especially today >.< I know that if I reveal this amongst my peers/friends in the department they’ll just hate me, but I don’t care~ My fingers just want to type what it wants to type.

So I had an intense 2-hr meeting this morning (which I nailed after only 30-min or less prep by the way) but have mostly been procrastinating and lazing off in my office ever since. I even had two lunches (quinoa fruit salad & cinnamon muffin / rustic garlic bread with mayonnaise), both taking up substantial space in my trustworthy/beloved Pyrex tuppy that my love and I both share (^o^). The tuppy is a whopping 7-cup/1.65 L/1650 g capacity, which means that I have downed about 1000g / 1kg worth of food already before 3pm in the afternoon (not including breakfast).

Just now, the senior waddled into my office to borrow the printer and decided to plop her plumpy self down on my chair without asking, shut down the music I was playing on my computer in the privacy of my own office and gave me a lecture on security protocols after seeing a general HR reminder about theft on campus. (Did I mention it was my music, my computer, my office and that she was just here to borrow the printer?)  Seeing how she only had a Campbell’s wedding soup for lunch (she usually has canned foods for lunch) and just moments ago saw my anger-provoking post last night on FB about how grateful/happy I was to be able to eat anything and everything I wanted right before beddy time (a habit I have engaged in for at least 6 years) and “not have any overt repercussions”, I decided to simply smile and answer politely while making her a face when she turned around. Nevertheless, I am grateful that she is this bossy vigilant to call maintenance and complain about the shared sink though. Apparently it has been plugged and she is the one who uses it most frequently @.@

On a related topic about food, I was reminded about my late, late, late-night snacks after my night job. I have been very sleepy due to a lack of lengthy beddy time (too much work!) so I have been eating out instead of making my own food after my night work. A fast-food restaurant nearby has huge discounts to target the local clientele of club-goers so I have been taking advantage and feasting on a meal-set comprising of a double cheeseburger, 10-piece nuggets and small fries – all for $5 total! – right before going home for beddy time. In my current lazy state, I decided to look up the nutritional intake of my recent late-night junk-food fest and found that I have been consuming well over the daily limit recommended for people my age/size/weight/exercise level (I am classified as a sedentary user by personal admission… >.<).

The double cheeseburger is 150 g in weight, 450 calories, 26 g of fat, 27 g of carb, 950 mg of sodium, and 5 g of sugar (it can vary depending on whether I opted for mayo or ketchup as sauce)

The 10-piece nuggets are 156 g in weight, 480 calories, 28 g of fat, 760 mg of sodium, and 26 g of carb.

The fries is 100 g in weight, 240 calories, 10 g of fat, 330 mg of sodium, and 34 g of carbs

I usually take extra mayo, which means that I consume at least over 1200 calories and 64 grams of fat with this meal. I also calculated my daily calorie intake using an online calculator and found that I need 1235-1341 calories and about 36-64 grams of fat per day. Assuming the online calculator/nutritional values are right, it shows that I have been filling up my daily rations of food in my late-night snack alone. Taking into account my recent diet of full foot-long SUBWAY subs, snacks and other meals throughout the day, I have been exceeding way over my daily intake limits. Yet, I remained the same (or even lost weight). Aha, I was right~! I am an 大食い (oogui/big eater) Yay~! ^o^

I have no shame… (>.<;)

*I should really get back to work and now I have to stay late to prep for tomorrow. Oh, the consequences of procrastination (T.T)*

*Oh, and a model (~.^) just texted me while I was writing this to ask for my schedule so that he can take me out when I am free ^o^ mwahahaha~*


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