Weekend Food Tour~!

I was treated to an “epic food tour” this past weekend, hitting four different restaurants in one night. Our goal was to get my tummy full and hitting some famous spots in town ^o^ I was treated like a princess, even though I did not dress (in my baggy Disney sweater) nor acted like one (chomping down all food like a piggy)~

First Stop: Flight of Crème Brûlée Trio consisting of Salty Caramel, Matcha, and White Chocolate



Second stop: House Wings & Butter Beef



Third Stop: Minkh Kham & Red Curry (with jasmine & coconut rice on the side)



Fourth Stop: Ginger Tea & House Blueberry Cheesecake


I was very grateful for getting driven around to eat all these delicious food for free and then driven home safe and sound with a message to check on me after I get in ^o^ The sweet gentleman who treated me planned everything and made sure to hit the famous restaurants in town 🙂

What a most excellent way to end the weekend~!



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