My Gratitude Diary: Day 425+426


I am focused on me. I am strong. I love and am loved dearly. I am blessed. I live in success. I have 幸せ (happiness)~

I was grateful for the plentiful sleep

I was grateful for the New Year’s party during which I had my very first drink, champagne~! I had only a little sip though, and made sure to eat plenty before tasting it, but it still got me so sleepy that I had to leave early to go home 😃


I was grateful for all the compliments I received at the party 😊People kept telling me how cute and pretty I was, and the girls loved my no-makeup skin, which was a bit embarrassing but in a good way 😉

I was grateful for the nice stranger who gave me a ride home 😃 I took the wrong train and was too far away to walk, so tried my luck with hitchhiking, and was lucky that a kind man stopped quickly o give me a ride. He was very safe 😃

I was grateful for finding out that I received a perfect score on my final paper~!!! 😁 I was so worried about it but let go and it all worked out exactly as I had envisioned 😁

I was grateful for the many thoughts I had during my day of rest. Lol, I think the sip of alcohol made me pensive and I had a wide range of emotions washing over me but I think it also gave me clarity

I was grateful for being able to be there for a friend who was down

I was grateful for the calm I had when I did something brave

I was grateful for acquiring courage, strength, and most importantly, hope for something wonderful that is coming this year 😃

Dear Lord:

Thank you for the great school news, compliments and accolades, lol, to start my new year. I pray for continued academic and work success for my beloved and little me, and the beautiful love that is to come for both of us 😃 I believe and leave it all to You😃

In Jesus’ name I pray and gives thanks to, Amen

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