Open Letter to DarkWyvurne, my Cyberstalker

Dear DarkWyvurne,

I’m afraid your behavior over the past 2 years, especially in the recent period, has left me with no choice but to address you directly in this open letter. I understand that this latest moniker you have used when leaving your comment is fake so I am not at risk of exposing you publicly. As you no doubt have already realized, I have not approved any of your comments – even your latest friendly-worded one due to your conduct and suspected ulterior intentions. You have invited me to contact you, claiming that I am someone you know and who has your contact. I do not, but I do feel the need to respond to your repeated attempts at contacting me, so have resorted to this public statement.

I had hoped that by dismissing your previous contact attempts you would sooner or later realize that you have misdirected your unwanted attention and stop out of your own volition, but your most recent contact this weekend suggests that your long-time behavior has been motivated by an unhealthy obsession. I understand my tone is harsh, but I feel I must be blunt in order to dispel whatever confusion you have towards Anthony and me.

I have noted your persistence in pursuing Anthony and me online for two years and have attempted to contact us multiple times through our social media. I understand from him that you have posed as a bisexual girl to manipulate him to divulge details about me, which forced him to block you. With me, you have assumed multiple aliases when trying to leave strange comments after reading my posts. If I am correct, you were also the one who tried to harass a celebrity actress who had invaded my privacy out of personal insecurities she has towards me as a potential romantic rival – perhaps thinking that you were exacting retribution on my behalf. Let me clarify that I do not harbour her any ill despite the wrong she has done me. I have forgiven her and extended an olive branch to her. Therefore, by engaging in the same offensive behavior she had committed you are only perpetuating hate, which I do not condone in any way.

Ever since I started dabbling in social media you have followed me. In the past few months you have increased your obsession with this blog, all culminating in the comment you tried to leave yet again yesterday. I do not understand your strong attraction and fascination with Anthony and me, but I feel sorry that you continue to mistake us as people worthy of your incredible devotion and attention. Perhaps you mistake us for famous celebrities, are a fan from our past/recent work, or believe that you may somehow be able to connect with well-known people you believe we are associated with and for whom you are a fan. I assure you that neither of us is famous nor would we ever betray their confidence even if we do have celebrity contacts.

I understand that you have tirelessly pored over my blog for years, especially over the past few months. Although I have always welcomed visitors to my blog, your online activities suggest a disturbing pattern. For example, in the last 48 hours alone you have once again perused my entire blog, spending almost every waking moment reviewing my 500+ posts. Any other blogger would have been overjoyed by this enthusiasm; as much as I would have liked to appreciate your interest like a regular blogger would for their readership, I am unable to rejoice in the significant contributions you have made to the stats as I believe that in your case it is driven by an unhealthy obsession. This is because, for one, you have repeatedly attempt to post inappropriate comments after reading my posts. For example, after reading about the men in my past you have insinuated that I seduce and date multiple men simultaneously and accuse me of using dating websites to have secret affairs as well as to swindle unsuspecting men. Most recently, you believe that I have written about you in my blog post. You are convinced that you are the chef I wrote about in my Diary Day 282. You also claim to have had the same experiences I have described in my Raison d’être. I do not wish to minimize whatever experiences you have had, but must point out the inconsistencies and conflicting details to your claim.

I have dismissed your false accusations and I suppose in a perverse way you are flattering me by fantasizing me attractive enough to be a seductress, but am troubled at your latest attempt to identify Anthony and me in real life. Despite you claiming that you know us, your behavior and communication suggest otherwise. If you truly are an acquaintance who knows me in real life you would have no need to assume fake identities and, most recently, a familiar, to repeatedly attempt to persuade me to disclose our identities and reveal our contact information. Both Anthony and I also have public profiles and can be contacted through our organizations and agencies to which we belong even if you do not have our personal contacts. You could have left your real information if you are sure we know each other, like my real-life friends who have truly “happened upon” my blog by chance and who’d like to inform me. If we have conversed by email like you said we did, then I trust I would have already received one from you. Yet despite claiming a familiarity with me and sincerity to “reconcile” you have provided nothing but fraudulent identifying information. You have even assumed different gender identities, claiming to be a man in one instance and a woman in the other. As such, I’m afraid I cannot believe in the veracity of any of your claims for genuine friendship. Furthermore, I admit I’m surprised that despite your extensive reading of my blog you missed the fact that my friend has already made amends and took me out for a lavish dinner last year. I do not remember which date, but I trust by your meticulous and repeated review of my blog you have already read about it and will come across it in your next complete review of my posts.

My impression from your behavior and attempted comments is that you seem to have a strange fascination with me in particular. I am sorry to hear about your failures in pursuing a romantic partner. I understand it can be incredibly depressing to have your enthusiasm be met with flat rejection but I hope you can stop projecting onto me your frustration with women in general. If you are one of the men who have seen my past work or met me at work or randomly in public or perhaps believe you have dated me then please, PLEASE MOVE ON. I trust that in whatever brief encounter we may have had I have made clear that I am not interested in you in any way and would appreciate you find better women for whom you can worship.

I’m sorry to be so harsh. I am extremely dishearted by the fact that I have to make such a blunt post but I am afraid I must finally make you realize how disturbing your behavior has been. I regret to tell you that your behaviour suggests obsession, and that it appears that you suffer from ideas of reference, distortion of reality, and fantasies. The frequency, duration, and means of your contact do not validate a simple case of mistaken identity or confusion. I’m afraid I cannot acknowledge any of your comments publicly, but will thank you for some of compliments you have embedded in between the inappropriate ones. If they are an indication of your moments of lucidity, I strongly urge you in your next one to seek professional help. It will be an act of courage and bravery. I always welcome readers who are kind enough to grace my humble blog, and I extend that invitation to you should you are somehow able to find solace in my posts; however, I insist that you refrain from attempting any more contact here and making random speculations from my words. I wish you no ill despite everything and will pray for you. I hope one day you will find someone to reciprocate your affections and that you can find activities more worthy of your time. I trust you have good in you and I hope you can find the help you need to go back to being on the right path.



January 11 Update:

It is unfortunate to see you persist in your conviction that I am someone you know and that you were the person I wrote about in my blog. As I specified in this post that you immediately responded to: 1) I don’t have your contact; 2) If you know me personally and have my information you need NOT contact me here assuming a fake identity and insisting that I be the one to contact you. You claim we have chatted on another platform and recognized my username, yet you cannot specify which platform. I have NEVER used my username to talk with users on ANY OTHER PLATFORM than the ones linked to this wordpress blog. There are a million other users with the same name or similar names. A fellow blogger at Moebakingcomics has a similar variation of my username and her blog is all about baking, the very activity you insist you invited me to – perhaps you’d like to check her out and see if she is the East Asian girl you’re chasing after. You are searching online for a female user you claim to know personally and making random connections with ONLY a simple username and perhaps some similarities in online posts. You now claim you do not know Anthony yet you want to take us both to lunch to know more about us. You claim you have not reviewed my blog in its entirety yet your activity and knowledge of my posts show otherwise. You ask that I contact you personally, to modify my blog to accommodate you, and insist that you know my own friends, experiences, and blog posts better than myself. Your requests, thinking, and behavior are all highly disturbing. I strongly urge you to stop this and seek professional help. Thank you.



4 Comments Add yours

  1. I admire you Chibimoekko for your wonderful letter to DarkWyvume. Well done ,you said what had to be said right to the T. I hope he got it now .
    Have a wonderful Day /Night
    Many warm Killer Hugs from Down Under .Keep Smiling

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Chibimoekko says:

      Thank you for your support seahorse~! Your kind words always come at the right time~ I really need it after being forced to make this post >.< Enjoy your day too! Big huggles ^o^


  2. Chibimoekko says:

    Thanks for the empathy! I did report this unfortunate person to all legal sources and they were able to trace him/her despite the fake info and put a stop to everything. People should know it’s not appropriate to harass another in any way, even complete strangers @.@


  3. Chibimoekko says:

    Thanks for dropping by and letting me know. Unfortunately if he’s truly an IT consultant he would have known to anonymize his online activities. From what you said he sounds like an unfortunate and lonely soul with a troubled past. I hope he will find help and hopefully a woman who can accept him.


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