I only remember~

I remember every little thing you have done for me whether or not you remember them.

The smallest of gestures still move me to tears and put a smile on my face whenever I remember them.

The way you stumbled with words whenever I outwit you and call you baka.

The knee-jerk panic reaction you had when you found out I was to cut my hair.

The first time you kissed me and confessed how you’ve fantasized about it ever since you first laid eyes on me.

The sparkle in your eyes whenever you saw me.

The worry you had when I was to go out in the rain.

The warmth you enveloped me in whenever we were together.

The good behavior you put on just for me, your little lady.

The urgency you had when you searched and called for me in your dreams.

What I don’t remember is what you have done to me.

No, my beloved, I don’t remember anything you have done that could even mar any of the goodness of us together.

I don’t remember. I have forgotten. Did you do anything at all?

Yes, I only remember the things that make me laugh, make me smile, make me cry happy tears, make me call you baka…

I only remember anything and everything why you make me continue to love you from then to now to forever more~



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