Lady of the Night


The new Mama, Sakura, has been exerting (gentle) pressure on me to make myself up. She’s a veteran in the entertainment industry and brings with her an arsenal of tricks and new plans, one of which includes to “transform” little me @.@ She wants to do it on a gradual basis, slowly, to build up momentum. Although I have still been resistant to complying with the changes she has requested, I do finding myself liking her gentle form of persuasion. She gives me lots of encouragement and tells me to have more confidence (もっと自信を持って~/motto jishin wo motte). I also have to admit I find myself a lot more compliant since she praises me whenever I put on even just a little bit of make-up (lip-stain) and/or wear a cute outfit >.<

My last few clients have all been very pleasant and easygoing. For some reason by the end of the night they all started asking me out, which had been a riot~ A couple of weeks earlier a group of young Asians stopped by. The Taiwanese picked up the more sultry-looking Aki, who is also a masseuse during the day~ One Cantonese simply kept to the background and stared at me the entire night while whispering comments about me to his Malaysian friend. By the end of the night the Malay wedged himself next to me and deployed a massive pursuit. I thought it was the simplest exchange: He asked me out, I politely said no – end of story. I thought about scoring a free meal, but then decided against it due to the company, haha~ He ended up driving himself paranoid wondering why I would ever refuse him. His pursuit ended quite “obsessively” with, “I know where you go to school. If I ever see you again I’ll…” @.@

We had some Portuguese clients the other night as well. They were very entertaining, and I found myself in pleasant company. By the end of the night, the one beside me tried to take me out, which I found hilarious. “You should find a nice White boy to marry”, his friend egged on, haha~ At least they were nice and were not stalkerish like the Malay~

My last client was a businessman from Japan who came with his company for a trip here. He found me unique in that I did not adorn my face with anything. According to him, I was a 原石 (genseki/diamond in the rough) because I do not put on makeup, unlike most Japanese girls. There is a segment, “Diamond Girl”, in a popular variety show in Japan called “London Hearts”, in which the hosts and guests would look for girls on the streets they believe to have great potential to transform into “Diamond Girls” after being made up.


He had a lot of faith in me and told me that I just needed a bit of mascara and to take off my glasses, haha~ I don’t think he realized how much like a drag-queen I’d look if I put on makeup, but it was nice to be believed in 🙂 Sometimes I do wonder how I’d look at the hands of a good makeup artist who specialize in Asian makeup, but I guess I just lost faith after getting butchered here~ I think for now I’ll stick to other alternatives, like outfits, to make myself more presentable. We have some new dresses in stock so maybe I’ll find one conservative enough to wear 🙂




  1. I Love this Chibbimoekko . Truly Amazing

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    1. Chibimoekko says:

      Thank you, seahorse~ I’m amazed myself, too, how different the girls can look before and after makeup ^o^


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