My Seoul Trip: Day 5

I made my way to Olympic Park and arrived at around noon. It was a cloudy day, but fortunately was without rain. The park was massive, and I figured I would need at least 5 hours to fully explore it, but restricted myself to two so that I could hit other spots. Before my walk, I got myself a snack at a little shop that sold toilet-themed pastries. There were the choice of 5 little ones or 1 big one for 1000 won. Only the big one had the option of different flavours of chocolate, pumpkin, or adzuki bean paste. I chose a pumpkin flavoured one for 1000 won.

It was a peaceful walk and the weather was cool and inviting. Inside the park, there were sports-related structures, arts, and gym equipments. Many locals could be seen either exercising or jogging.

There was also a green dome on top of a hill. It showcased a digging site where they found historic remnants.

I completed my circle of the park and left went to find an instant-noodle restaurant on the tourist guide. It was apparently a famous little place near Bukchon Hanok Village, which was my next destination. I found it with great difficulty, as I could not understand Korean, and ordered myself a cheese ramyeong for 3000 won. The restaurant appeared to have had many famous visitors, and the wall was covered with autographs and photographies. Koreans love their instant noodles, and this restaurant focused on that and simply offered instant noodles with various twists. Mine was a spicy instant-noodle packet with a slice of cheese. Nothing fancy, but I was hungry so it went down easily.


After the ramyeong I walked about 10 minutes to Bukchon Hanok Village by following the instructions from a guide at the information centre. The village preserved its historic appearance and was a popular location for many films and shows. There were many girls who dressed up to come and take pictures. Little me, too, had mine taken by friendly locals. Lol, I would go up to some pretty girls and point to my camera. Each one would break into a big smile and say, “okay, okay!” I found Koreans to be better at taking pictures than the average tourists. They had steady hands that avoided the blur, would warn me before taking their shots, insist on taking multiple ones and suggest poses. The best thing was that they would almost always wish me, “happy trip!” It was really cute 🙂

After coming down the hill, I tried a fish cake – yum 🙂 I liked the broth that they cooked the fish cake in, as it warmed me up. The nice vendor also let me sample the spicy rice cake. It was good, but I wasn’t that into the sauce ;p


I travelled to the Dongdaemun Design Plaza as it became dark. It was strange, as the entrance said it closed at 22:00, but it closed at 21:00, so I was not able to enter. Nevertheless, I had fun just walking around the plaza and taking pictures.

The night scenes were beautiful. I found the buildings even more lovely at night when illuminated by the lights.

I also took a picture of the beautiful Cheonggyecheon Stream and this awesome gate by the station 🙂

I had a Bungeoppang, which was a fish-shaped pastry filled with adzuki bean paste. It was sweet and hot, and made me happy while I walked around looking for a restaurant to have dinner. There were many to choose from, but a small one caught my eye because of how cheap the food was. I ordered a traditional, homey-style bean-sprout rice. It had black rice, bean sprouts, and seaweed and came with soup, takuan (pickled daikon radish), and kimchi. The kimchi was the hottest I ever had here in Seoul, and my eyes watered just by taking one small bite. Thank goodness the takuan was free, so I refilled it many times //>.<//

The night was alive, and street vendors were everywhere. I walked to the Dongdaemun Market where it was famous for its night shopping. The shopping mall was open until morning. You can find the latest trends in Korean fashion here, but be prepared to spend a hefty fortune here. There were some cheap finds, but I decided against making purchases as I did not find the style attractive enough. I was lucky enough to be able take a couple of pictures there, because apparently you were not allowed to do so. Each vendor was careful to guard their merchandise, and made careful inventory of everything by taking pictures.

I wanted to go have coffee on top of the shopping mall, but was getting tired. It was also getting quite late, and I was not about to stay up all night in a bustling shopping mall, so I made my way back home. At the underground market where I needed to pass to get back to the station, I found a pair of cute shoes for only 11000 won, which made little me super happy ^o^ I carried my pretty shoes back to the guesthouse where I stayed my final night 🙂


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