My Gratitude Diary: Day 543

I am focused on me. I am strong. I love and am loved dearly. I am blessed. I live in success. I have 幸せ (happiness)~

I am grateful for the plentiful sleep and for waking up naturally~

I am grateful for the beautiful sunny day~

I am grateful for catching the scary spider before I leave home >.<

I am grateful for the quick bus ride to school

I am grateful for the work done today~

I am grateful for the beautiful message and painting picture from my friend 🙂 She’s such a beautiful soul and a talented artist~


I am grateful for hearing from Anthony and that he is alright~ Although we have to reschedule our date due to his not feeling well, I know he tried his best. I had earlier asked whether or not he’d be okie as I sensed that he has not been well, and he insisted that he would be and still wanted to see little me, so I know this last-minute change was not intentional. I am grateful for Anthony wanting to save his best self for me ^o^

I am grateful for the schedule change! It actually turns out to be in my favour, as I myself have been tired from working too much. The extra time will help me recover. Like Anthony, I want to be at my best when I see him, too~ Plus, the weather will be really sunny next week, which will be even better~Oh, and this will give me time to break in my new heels. My feet’s hurting right now, so hopefully in a few days time I’ll be able to walk better! I want to look good and walk well, not look cute and limp before him!

I am grateful for today being a work night, so that at least I’ll look better than usual at work, lol~ At least my look will not go to waste, haha. I’m also glad that I didn’t finish it, though, otherwise I’d be grumpy because I did not want to dress up this nicely for clients ;P Mariko wanted to give me a makeover, too, which was nice~

I am grateful for the plentiful food I had in school!

I am grateful for tonight’s great shift and for getting home safe and sound 🙂

Dear Lord:

Life is really unexpected. You know that although I had prepped myself for a beautiful date with Anthony tonight, I have been secretly wanting to re-schedule due to my being a little indisposed… I guess I should have said yes earlier, but I was just so shy that I keep dodging his hints and then now we both are getting busy!!!! //>.<// Both of us are busy at alternative times, which I suppose is Your way of giving us a little more time to prepare ourselves for each other… *sigh* Oh well~~~ Gosh, Lord, I guess it’s Your way of saying that You’ll give us better if we’re patient!

I pray for my beloved friend in Australia, and for things to go well for her and the people in her life. She and her loved ones deserve health, happiness and a beautiful life.

I pray for Anthony’s heart, mind, and body. I knew he may be a bit unwell tonight, so I’m thankful that at least he tried his best and that he’s saving his best for little me. I’m sending him lots of kitty love and kisses tonight~ Please let him be well and let him at least have enough energy for work tomorrow.

In Jesus’ name I pray and give thanks to, Amen

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  1. I am so proud of you Chibbi ,Proud of you being so patient and understanding. I hope you ankle is much better soon and you have your meeting with Anthony.
    Only the goodhearted ,patient souls win.
    Thousand Hugls for my Chibbi.
    As always thank you for your kind and loving words .

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    1. Chibimoekko says:

      Thank you, Seahorse! I’m patient and know that this waiting will make our meeting even sweeter 😊

      Huggles and lots of love for you too~!!


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