My Gratitude Diary: Day 549+550


I am focused on me. I am strong. I love and am loved dearly. I am blessed. I live in success. I have 幸せ (happiness)~

I am grateful for waking up naturally and feeling rested~

I am grateful for the beautiful sunny days~

I am grateful for getting my housework done! I haven’t been able to clean due to my injured foot, and so was happy that I get to take a rest day to just stay at home and clean

I am grateful for the quiet day at home to rest my foot yesterday

I am grateful for the meeting this morning to go well. I know the advisor doesn’t understand, but at least I’m grateful she is trying to help~

I am grateful for the lovely meetings I had with my former supervisors and the faculties today. I’m thankful that I am well supported by good faculties who are on my side in believing that students should be encouraged to pursue their passion and not instead concede to politics and unfound biases in their academic paths!

I am grateful for the the work done today! I finished a lot of the hard work that I need for the political sides of academia >.<

I am grateful for the surprise phone time with Anthony tonight. Our history is making him nervous too, and so we agreed to take it super slow. I’m very grateful for the mutual understanding tonight. Even though it was not what I expected, it worked out for both of us. I feel closer to Anthony tonight. The best part is that he didn’t see me in my pathetic condition with a puffy piggy foot and dazed, drugged-up state – hey, what girl wants her guy to see her like this? So, I’m very grateful for this slow pace we’re taking, especially since it’ll give me more time to recover! I want to look beautiful, so beautiful that I’ll take his breathe away the second he lays his eyes on little me again, and not the other way around where I’m the breathless one because of my bad leg and being dosed up on painkillers, lol~

I’m grateful for the lovely end to my night 🙂 I’m smiling and will smile in my dreams tonight because of Anthony, meow meow~ Little me is happy because of our phone time!

Dear Lord:

Thank You for helping me in my academic path by giving me faculties who support me and who understand/believe in my potentials. Little me is meant to be a doctor, a real doctor, not a doctor that just do research! I pray You continue to provide strong support and to guide people to help me in consolidating this path.

I pray for Anthony’s continued growth. Like I told him tonight, I believe in him and that he needs to believe in himself more. I’m so proud of his growth, and am thankful for it. Anthony and I want to grow together. We’re not ready now to take that biggest leap, but we’re making progress. My feelings and adoration for this man does not fade, but only grow stronger and more steadfast with time. Anthony knows, and one day when we’re ready, I’ll show him why little me is his last and best girl EVER, mwahaha – I mean, meow meow meow~.^

In Jesus’ name I pray and give thanks to, Amen

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