I wish I could send you more pictures

of little me

in that tiny white dress~

*Click click*

went the camera

*Thump thump*

went my heart

I was trying to be cute

but all the time I was thinking of you~

Would you think me cute if I put one paw up and meowed?

Would you like it if I tilted my head to the side and winked?

Would you smile and pet me if I fluffed my bum bum and puffed my mouth?

Would you, would you, huh, huh?

Meow, meow, meow~w^

I got sleepy

Then, before I realized it, I did it by accident

and I



embarrassed~ //>.<//

How’d you know?

How’d you recognize little me?

It wasn’t meant for you

But now I want to keep it for your eyes only

Tell me, don’t tell me:

whether or not you deleted it like I asked

like a gentleman…


kept it secretly to do with it

like a regular guy~.^

Meow >w<

Either way,

I’m simply embarrassed


I (think I)

like it~ //>.<//e04612e9f2311a0083b065a12b618536