The Latino Ex-Model, Papi

Nope, not him, but he sure likes to put up similar pics to flag my attention @.@

So this weekend I sent another guy packing~ This time, it was the Latino Ex-Model, whom we shall call “Papi”, because apparently Hispanic men are fond of this term of endearment and also because he did try to get me to call him that  (I did not oblige). I was hoping to avoid a blowup, but it seemed that no matter how hard I try to soften the delivery, it almost always ends with the guy flipping out~ =.=;

It had been almost a year since he started pursuing me. I remember appreciating the stories he shared with me about his exes because he was being open and vulnerable, but I did make sure that whenever he asked about my intimate experiences to keep the details to a bare minimal. I also used the story of the VFX artist as a warning, yet still he charged on…

Awhile back, he was just so earnest about going on a date with me that I agreed to see him on a platonic meeting, scheduled right before my work so that I did not have to spend too much time with him. “Wow, you’re, um, really beautiful” were his first words when he saw me that night, and again his text to me the next day. I adopted a business mannerism and declined all of his offers to treat me – a feat for little me because I remember being sooo hungry at the time and really wanted to have crepes (T.T). When we bid each other good night, he tried to pull me into his arms but I got out of it by feigning chest pain before dashing off to the club once he was out of sight~

The conversation that started friendly enough eventually heated up when he started sending me intimate/bedroom pictures of himself with the caption “wishing you were here” or something of the sort. I took a step back and became more distant, but he became upset and began having temper tantrums. Those who know me are aware that I’m not very attached to my phone. However, he does check his phone obsessively so he took it hard when I did not reply fast enough for him and he would send me upset-face emoticons.  It escalated to the point that I had to tell him off the last time he tried to reach me. I did not appreciate being trolled by him so asked him to stop contacting me if he did not have “specific (good) purposes”. He promised then to delete my contact info, but somehow misconstrued it as an invitation for him to check in on me from time to time to see if I would ever become available for him to chase.

Recently, I got a new phone and did not import Papi’s contacts. Since he also promised to delete my contact, I was unaware that he secretly added me (or simply never deleted me) to troll me on the messenger app. I thought my modeling shots would only be seen by contacts of mine whom I kept on that phone and who would not over-think my photos. They  were not for his eyes at all, but he did see them. Unfortunately, when he did, he became, um, excited… and tried to flag my attention. I ignored him as those initial attempts to get my attention did not even make sense. However, this past weekend, he crossed the line so I had to let him know (again!) that I had no interest in him whatsoever. The message was not offensive in any way; I simply let him know that there was someone and that I wished him good luck. He did not take it very well and blew up on me. The pictures that originally drove him so excited to the point that he wanted me to be currently unattached were twisted into some kind of salacious smut that were apparently part of my elaborate, secret X-rated design to seduce him (as well as the many, many men that must be on my private contact list), lol~ Needless to say, it was ridiculous considering that I did not even know that he was trolling me. He was furious; after accusing me of posting pictures that cry infidelity despite only moments earlier those very ones drove him into a romantic frenzy, he blocked me, haha~ The whole thing was rather dramatic and unnecessary since I never imported his contact, which means that he still could not give up my contact and was essentially blocking someone who had no way of reaching him in the first place – well, before he put himself into my contact list again, lol~

I think it was very unfortunate because this latest episode of him was very reminiscent of the stories he told me about his exes. Apparently, his problem was him chasing too hard yet getting dismissed like a fool, which made him very bitter. He likes to troll the girls he like, and admits it. The public fan pages and status updates he tried to impress me with all evinced his frustration, with headlines such as “I don’t chase those who don’t chase back”.

The guy does have his good qualities: He is very nice and sweet to the girls he likes. It was simply unfortunate that the latest recipient of his affections, me, do not feel the same way about him. On the other hand, his explosion only made me more appreciative of Anthony, who, even at the height of his frustration, never attacked me personally or badmouthed me~ I did not tell Papi explicitly, but in my last message to him I did imply my heart belongs to a man that I have yet to find a better in the world. It was not my intention to injure him, but I guess he took it that way, which led to his anger. I wished him well though, and hope he finds a girlfriend soon – if he can ;P






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