Blogger Recognition Award

The Rules for The Blogger Recognition Award

For all the nominees for this award, here are the rules, if you choose to accept (Please do):

  1. Write a post to show your award.
  2. Give a brief story of how your blog started.
  3. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
  4. Thank whoever nominated you, and provide a link to their blog.
  5. Select 15 other blogs you want to give the award to them

1 & 4. Write a post to show your award / Thank whoever nominated you, and provide a link to their blog.

I’m very grateful for the recent nomination of the award. Thank you so very much to Cosmic Explorer for finding my little blog here all the way from the other side of the planet and for the generous compliments. I am especially flattered and encouraged to find that I inspired this lovely fellow blogger to start a blog format/gratitude diary similar to mine ^o^  I did vow to continue writing regardless of whether or not I receive any attention, but it is always a treat to receive encouragement 🙂

2. Give a brief story of how your blog started.

I have always enjoyed writing since little. In grade school, I wrote prolifically, dabbling in diverse genres, from composing a spinoff of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales to producing a narrative of the last 24-hours of a homicidal inmate on death row (which, unfortunately, disturbed my English teacher so much that she considered having me sent for an evaluation with the school counsellor, lol). I never thought much of the praise I garnered given that they were mostly for academically-related purposes, but my motivation to write heightened when I also started receiving similar feedback for my extracurricular works. I was invited to ghostwrite professionally as well as for entertainment purposes and the response was overwhelming, which inspired me to create something original for the latter. Then, Anthony, whose career in social media just began at that time, discovered me. He thought me a good writer and recommended me to his agency. It was a great experience, but I wished that I did not have to conform so much to the business conventions. I found myself often tempted to venture off the guidelines to create original writing, which prompted me to create my very own wordpress blog, a platform that Anthony introduced to me indirectly by showing me his personal writing. Granted, my inspiration to write more creatively was dimmed – well, actually, significantly reduced – when I no longer had more serious purposes to fulfill, lol, but I continued on as I wanted an outlet for my thoughts and a safe space to write whatever and whenever I wanted; hence, Chibimoekko was born~! Creativity, thy name is procrastination for little me ;P

Originally, I never meant for my writing to be for any eyes other than my own. I actually did not have very much experience with social media due to personal preferences/privacy reasons (and to this day other than wordpress I only have small uses for FB, mainly to follow my favorite groups and to satisfy my peers who complained that I did not have an account). Therefore, when I started, I thought naively that the publication default was “private”. By the time I started receiving notifications of “likes” it was already too late to make the posts private, so I carried on. Even now I still feel a bit conflicted between my need to remain “private” and my wish to share my thoughts even if no one reads them, in a hopelessly/stupidly romantic way akin to simply wanting to shout out your feelings to the lonely open sky~ I try to balance the conflicting desires out by remaining anonymous and conservative on identifiable information but otherwise am completely truthful and honest 🙂

3. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.

-Be brave enough to express your true self. It’s better to write for yourself than compromising your true voice by writing for popularity or attention ^o^

-Writing consistently for prolonged periods can be difficult, but don’t give up~! Stay encouraged and always be thankful to people who visit you~ Show appreciation often and they’ll return to you tenfold 🙂

4. Select 15 other blogs you want to give the award to them – (To be continued~!)


Barack Obloga



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  1. Thank you for accepting the award!! Yay!! 😃☺️

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