My New Male “Follower”


Last night, I stayed late to work and missed the late direct bus to home so I had to take the transfer bus. As I was walking into the station, a man his early thirties/late twenties who was heading out saw me and immediately stopped to turn around to follow me back in. He asked for the directions to the airport, but also where I was heading. He sported a European accent so I thought he was a tourist, and told him one of the stops I would be making to clarify the difference between my directions and his. However, this did not satisfy him. He proceeded to following me downstairs to keep hounding me about my destination. I dismissed his inquiries and insisted that it did not concern him as his train, the one to the airport, is heading in the other direction. The man muttered how he still didn’t know where I was going before letting me go. I headed towards the other side of the station but found that he hid himself behind a pole to observe me. Later, when the train came, he trailed behind me even though it was not the one to the airport. I did not want to jump to conclusions at that point, but simply became more cautious and moved toward the opposite end of the train closer to the doors to avoid his gaze. When I came to my stop, I rushed towards the exit hoping to avoid him seeing me; unfortunately, he did and came straight after me. He ran behind me up the escalator and made a loud noise as he came to the step right below mine to make me turn around: There he was, smiling creepily…

At that point it was beyond the shadow of a doubt that his target was me. I remained calm and exited the station, heading towards my final bus. He strangely decided to take the bus on the other side but fixated his gaze in my direction. I realize it was a wild guess, but given his antics and the fact how he went out of his way to follow me and ask for my destination, I presumed that he rode that bus to catch mine at its earlier stops to ensure that I would not try to take the next bus to avoid him. I moved behind the supporting structures to keep myself out of his sight, and called the police. The female call-taker was nice and immediately alerted the mobile officers to come get me. At first I was hesitant as I did not want to make a scene, but she insisted that I make a report because she was worried about my safety. Two constables arrived shortly to take down my descriptions. I surprised them with the details because apparently they usually find that victims to be too scared or anxious to remember anything at all. They were friendly and professional, which made me feel comfortable and at ease. The bus came, but they offered me a ride home (thank goodness it’s in their civilian vehicle too!) so I did not have to take the bus, which was very nice of them do so 🙂

On the way home, we talked about some forensics research and they were surprised to find that I was a post-graduate student and knowledgeable in related studies and asked me questions… but I flopped and forgot a term for a common phenomenon, lol, which was a bit embarrassing~ When we arrived, they even offered to walk me to my door, which I appreciated but declined. I was given a card and a file number to call in case I see the man again or want to update my report.

I learned from the constables that, recently, there is a rising trend of Asian females being targeted by Caucasian men because apparently, the latter is less likely to “make a fuss”. Well, too bad for this particular guy, because I did NOT take his antics quietly. As I was coming out of the station, I was seriously prepared to kick his creepy $%^ down the escalator should he have made a physical advancement >^< No joke, yo~  The recordings from the video surveillance would be on my side, too, in this case. Yeah, that punk betta wish he never see little me again or else his flabby cheeks would get karate-chopped~!!

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  1. Oh whoa. 😯 That is one hell of a scary experience. I’m glad you are safe and sound. 🙂🙂

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    1. Chibimoekko says:

      Oh, thank you 🙂 (Un)fortunately, I’ve had many similar experiences so I was more disgusted than scared *sigh*

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      1. I’m sorry to hear that. Take care and be safe 😊

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