My Gratitude Diary: Day 689


I am focused on me. I am strong. I love and am loved . I am blessed. I live in success. I have 幸せ~

I am grateful for the restful sleep… and for being able to sleep late… well, not really, but I guess it was okie for today >.<

I am grateful for the reassuring phone call with the enrolment clerk~! I thought their operating hours end later, so called at a late time when they were actually closed; however, miraculously, someone who was to go on vacation starting tomorrow picked up and gave me some reassuring information about my current issues with enrolment~He was so nice and directed me to the people who help students in this situations, for which I was very grateful ^o^

I am grateful for having the patience to wait for the bus today~! I got on the bus fairly quickly, but turn noticed the express bus trailing just behind the bus I was on, so I jumped off and tried to catch it, only to have both sped away before my very eyes, lol~ Thankfully, the bus stop where I was waiting at had some lovely flowers which made my wait very pleasant 🙂 I also was able to catch the next express bus, which came very quickly 🙂

I am grateful for the beautiful sunny day

I am grateful for the work done tonight. Well, I was supposed to work on the group project a bit more, but I got sidetracked to finish a post about really nothing remotely related to my life right now~ I wrote a few posts about love and relationships for clients before, and over the past couple of years had been inspired from time to time to start drafts on related topics, but recently I felt the urge to finish these posts~  Personally, I would have liked more time to check the research instead of basing it off of my own insights, observations, and general knowledge, but I just had the urge to “do it right now” and pretty much became almost possessed to do so~ I’ve had sudden feelings to do certain things sometimes, and they usually later turn out to correspond to the timing of other events that reveal themselves later. It’s how I realize I have an unusual “sense” for people and events. For example, back in March, I was overcome by the desire to do something unusual, which turned out to be the impetus for Anthony to surprise me~ I wonder what is it this time?

I am grateful for the wonderful news that I received the full granting of transfer credits~! Yay, I knew it was right to take those extra courses~! Little me had the foresight to do so, and they paid off, literally, mwhahaha~

I am grateful for the nominations of new awards~! I may not have time to accept them, but I am very happy to receive them ^o^

Dear Lord:

Please let tomorrow be a productive work/school day for little me~!

Also, I hope that whatever reason the universe had in compelling me to finish the drafts I had stored in wordpress to be good. I felt a little negative when writing them, because it feels like I had a tone of criticism in them, but I don’t have any wish to do so right now… Mmm… I hope I can end the posts on a positive note when I write about happy things later on…

In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen



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