My Gratitude Diary: Day 696


I am focused on me. I am strong. I love and am loved . I am blessed. I live in success. I have 幸せ~

I am grateful for having some sleep~I slept at very odd hours this past week, but thankfully my energy was not affected too badly

I am grateful for the completion of the door installation. The door installation took very long, but thankfully the worker was very nice and made me feel comfortable~

I am grateful for becoming calmer despite things going wrong in many areas. I cannot believe how many crushing events I had encountered over the past week. The stress has strained my immune system and I started showing signs of inflammation. Things keep going awry, but surprisingly, I feel calmer and my tension lessened. I know things are bad right now, but they will become better. My hot water and computer will be fixed, for example, and the error in administration will be corrected in my favor. I just have to believe and have faith~

I am grateful for having everything else in my suite working

I am grateful for having my general health

I am grateful for having my friends

I am grateful for having food

Dear Lord:

I believe things will get better. I am experiencing very hard times right now, but I believe and have faith in everyone and everything, so I will keep my head high. I have the rights in my favor and I know I will be rewarded by keep doing and being good 🙂

In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen


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