Lady of the Night


So I “broke” a client’s wallet – or so I was told~ @.@

Over the past few months I had only one client with whom I did not have a good time: An old, unfortunate regular who had been coming for years and years. He’s an old Chinese taxi driver who tries to pick up young girls – literally – and is admittedly obsessed with Japanese girls. I found it difficult to be sympathetic when he openly admits to his obsession and acts on it blatantly. He usually comes and stays for the night till closing, so that he can take girls’ home, only to solicit them for um, “action”, on the way. It was not my place to say so, but I feel it is a very unfortunate situation given that it is not based on mutual affections, but motivated by pure loneliness or want for materialistic goods. He lavishes whatever little money he has on any girl who would not turn him away, all the while knowing that their attention is only transient and superficial. The girls, in turn, realize his ulterior motives and indulge his need for attention within a limit (I know not where they establish their boundaries) to acquire resources from him. With me, he never dared to take any advances because he knew I would not comply in any way. He felt somewhat intimated by me because unlike other girls I had to “dumb” myself down for him, which made him uneasy especially since, physically, he saw me as a child. It was not my intention to patronize him, but whenever we talked it was obvious that the topic was unstimulating in anyway and I literally had to constrain my vocabulary during our conversations. Once, I overheard his story: Apparently, he went back to China in the late 90s and married a young bride. However, she cheated on him and disappeared a few months after she obtained her citizenship. He was crushed, and vowed to divert his romantic interests to Japanese women only. Ever since, he only cared for the girl if they were Japanese. The backstory was very depressing, but it does not justify his current conduct. However, as the girls were not entirely naïve to his intentions, I let it pass, especially since it was really not my place to judge.

Anyway, back to my wonderful clients~ This year, I feel very lucky because I have had all pleasant experiences whenever I go in and was lucky to have only great clients, or clients who immediately turned into gentlemen/adjusted their behaviour to make me comfortable. There were some older, more lewd clients who pretty much groped every girl that came their way and asked all sorts of downright explicit, personal questions; however, I was lucky in that I was always given a higher regard because of the way how I conducted myself. Girls who had come to know me would also jump in to “protect” me by confirming that I am not someone who would entertain brutish behaviors, either verbal or physical (even though they were okay with it, lol).  For example, during the summer, we entertained a group of Japanese clients who were on a business trip here. They were led by an older colleague who had been here several times. The men were all tired from a day of business sightseeing and just wanted to relax and have fun with the girls at night. A few drinks down and they started badgering each other as well as girls with some very X-rated questions. Each one of us was asked the same question, yet when it was my turn, they first had to ask for my permission. They looked at me and simply paused to exclaim how I apparently radiate a different “雰囲気”(funiki/air, aura atmosphere). The term is a bit hard to explain, but basically I give off a vibe that signaled to them that I am “different” and to treat me like a lady. I smiled and shook my head and everyone just apologized for fear of offending me and told me to make myself comfortable. Midori and some of the other girls were used to it, but it was sure quite a sight for the new girls because they never saw anything like this before – experienced, older Japanese business men not only asking a child like me for permission to ask a question, but also apologizing in unison? What’s more, this was at a late-night entertainment setting, too, lol~ I  ended up spending the night playing a pretty doll that was treated like a little lady while Midori and the other girls did the hard work of “entertaining” the guests~

The last time I came in, it was a quiet night~ We did not have clients until close to midnight, but when we did, fortunately they were a group of friendly, young Chinese guys. Mika, the chi-Mama in training, gave them all funny monikers: Bruce (Lee), Cherry Jerry, B-Dragon, and イケメン(ikemen/good-looking guy). I stayed with them until Mika “borrowed” me to meet Masaki-san, an old-time regular (along with his father) whom either the Mama or one of the chi-Mamas always entertained personally. Apparently, I was called because he had been keeping his eyes on me for a while and wanted to meet me personally. Masaki-san ended up being my favorite client that night and with whom I had a wonderful time. Despite being only in his early thirties and looking only in his twenties, he introduced himself as an おじさん (ojisan/older man) because compared to me, he is one – or so he believes because I look so young >.< He was very nice and emphasized that he is an ojisan at heart and soul. Everything he used to justify that he is an ojisan were very benign and cute. For example, he has a keen interest in history, has a penchant for unadulterated drinks (lest it dulls his sense of taste and spoils the drink), and is quite determined not to learn English at all costs because of his pride as a Japanese. We discussed Chinese history and literature; he was surprised that I was familiar. On a more casual note, we also talked about his favorite food as well as the fact that I was an 大食い (oogui/big eater). Lol, because he is an ojisan, he prefers 煮物 (nimono/simmered food). It was actually very fun and he kept making me laugh all night with his ojisan jokes. I do not know what I ever did to deserve his attention, but by the end of the night when the bill came apparently it exceeded far more than he had ever spent on any other girl at our establishment. Basically, I “broke” his wallet. I was thankful and appreciative that he “took care” of me for the night, but it did not occur to me that anything was unusual given the mean expenditures here – it is an entertainment establishment, after all~ Therefore, I thought he was joking when he casually mentioned that he was cleaned out. Then, Mika arrived and when she saw the bill she screamed at how happy and thankful she was~ He told her he was more than happy to do so, and before he left, he discreetly saved me a large personal tip (it came at the right time, too, because of my situation with my landlord T.T). It was closing time, so when all the girls finished their clients, everyone started noticing little me, who was in the standby area happily eating the late-night snack Masaki-san ordered for me (and which he had hoped I’d save for the next day when I study, lol, but obviously food does not stand a chance with me). Yuka, the other chi-Mama, thought it was funny and just remarked what an “interesting” girl I am to others, while the new girl, Miku, could not help but kept staring at me after she found out what happened. She found it incredulous that a little piggy like me who was stuffing herself with food could manage such a feat – truly, it was a fact she could not reconcile, much like how the bartender/servers still have a hard time believing that I have “great potential for drinking”, lol~

The next day while I was in my serious student mode, I received a long message from Mika, personally. She was exhilarated by the fact how I broke Masaki-san’s spending record and basically cleaned him out for the night. Apparently, he’s an old favorite regular and who always was more on the financially-conservative side, but made an exception for me and spent way more than he ever did at our establishment. It impressed her so she wanted me to come in more often. I hope Masaki-san would return again when his wallet recovers, lol~ I’ll try to be careful, too, but all I can say about that night was oops, I did it again? Meow, meow, meow \^w^/


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