My Gratitude Diary: Day 702


I am focused on me. I am strong. I love and am loved . I am blessed. I live in success. I have 幸せ~

I am grateful for the restful sleep. I was forced(?) to prolong my sleep today because of the boiler acting up again late last night, which shut down the hot water and heat. So, little me decided to stay in bed and wait until my landlord came back to fix it~ Good sleep/making the best of my situation? Lol~

I am grateful for my landlord fixing the boiler upon his return. I do not look forward to taking another cold shower >.<

I am grateful for the calm I had when my landlord again was reacting on unreasonable grounds. I had been asking for the receipts to my rent, and he became so agitated (because it’s an illegal suite and I’m guessing that he has not reported on his tax *sigh*) that he said it’s actually very “suspicious” of me to ask for them. It is actually the law and the common practice for anyone to provide receipts upon financial transactions, but according to him, he never did this before and so feels that I am being “suspicious”. I actually had been asking for them for a long time and have evidence of my request as well as his acknowledgement of it, so one can see how ridiculous it is~ I feel it is very unfortunate the way how people react destructively and attack when they are in the wrong. I had been calm and very reasonable, only reflecting on his behavior and never attacking personally, when it comes to dealing with my landlord. I also have the law, moral, and ethics on my side. On the other hand, the family has not proceeded with our legal agreement in an ethical or lawful manner. Ever since their last huge argument, they had been tense with each other, and recently tried to direct/project their frustrations onto me. First, they tried to raise my rent illegally via a personal note on a rate substantially higher than the one set by law. Second, they have lied whenever convenient or when they cannot confront the truth (and I know because they talk so loudly that I can’t help but overhear). For example, when their family trespassed on my place “by accident”, they claimed that it was the worker coming to take measurements. However, I heard the wife telling the husband that she was frustrated that it was her father, and that he entered my place without consulting her first, thereby upsetting me and causing this whole debacle, for which she again blamed it on me. Third, whenever they cannot reconcile their lies, they would attack me personally, such as accusing me of behaving “suspiciously” by simply doing things such as asking for the receipts to my rent. I should note that this only happens in private rentals, because they are mediated by individuals who usually have little understanding or intentions to abide with the law. Nevertheless, I hope that they would be receptive to reason and legal practices when we talk soon~

I am grateful for the work done today. I really do like the new program because the area of study is in alignment with my background~

I am grateful for the grade I received that reflected my contributions. Although our overall grade is pulled down by other components that my teammates were responsible for, it was evident that the one that I did the bulk of the work on earned the highest grade 🙂 The prof made an announcement to the class near the beginning of the term saying that it’s difficult to achieve the highest grade level in our class, but I did have it awarded to me in my individual contributions and assignments, so I’m alright with being pulled down a bit into the slightly lower category~ I’ll just make up for it by my personal work, mwahaha ^o^

I am grateful for the food I had in my office~

I am grateful for the help from my friend

I am grateful for the comment from a hopefully helpful individual…?

Dear Lord:

I pray for my landlords to be open to reason. I do not want what happened to my last landlord to happen to them, and I see it happening. My last landlord lost their house and was very stressed in their marriage as well. It does not have to happen again if they abide by the law and be ethical. I have acted fairly and reasonably, and have all evidence by my side, so I am not afraid. I’ll pray for them instead 🙂

In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen


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