My Gratitude Diary: Day 708


I am focused on me. I am strong. I love and am loved . I am blessed. I live in success. I have 幸せ~

I am grateful for the wonderful sleep~

I am grateful for the beautiful sunny day

I am grateful for the quick bus ride to school

I am grateful for my friend’s concern for my safety

I am grateful for having enough food in school to last me… at least for the time I was there~

I am grateful for the work done today

I am grateful for finally being able to get groceries and for my savings too~! If done right, I think I could easily live on a $10/week food budget, mwahahaha~ I had been so busy that it’s been more than 2 weeks since I grocery-shopped real food, lol~ Kabocha was on sale, so I got one ^o^

I am grateful for the excellent discussion today I had with my peers about treatment efficacy. Truth is, I’ve been feeling hesitant because it seems that others are finding it difficult to respond to my questions and points, so much so that the professor had to step in to answer in place and remind me personally to be more “conversational” (i.e., tone down the academic stuff). I did not mean to be difficult, but due to my background, I do tend to cite research and pose analytical points rather than simply agree all the time with everyone. I also know for a fact that my peers try to emulate me by starting to question the research studies recently, which shows that they do agree with my approach, only that they find it difficult to keep up~ Oh, the double-edged sword of having scholarly prowess, lol~ >.< I guess I should be very thankful for my background 🙂

I am grateful for having a quiet and comfortable place to work tonight

I am grateful for being able to help out a peer. Last night, while “stuck” in the centre because I didn’t realize when I made up my schedule months ago that it was Thanksgiving, I happened to find myself on shift with a guy that has admitted to having some self-control issues. Every time I see him, he would volunteer information as he was interested in my insights, which resonate with him greatly. He told me that talking to me helped more than with others because I have a natural perspicacity that allowed me to quickly understand and clarify the issue. Therefore, despite our sporadic meetings, I was able to give him great insights into his condition and made him question his own behavior. To be honest, when I saw the schedule, I half expected that he would try to pick my brain again~ It’s actually fun (>.<) for me, and I admitted it to be so, but he didn’t care and even entertained seriously my casual suggestion for him to get a sponsor, lol~ What happened was that he tried to stay late with me so he could talk more with me but I insisted that he leave, and he only complied reluctantly. I’ve a feeling that he’s going to reorganize his schedule to pair up with me now, haha~

I am grateful for the yummy late-night snack I prepared for myself for the long night ahead 🙂 I bought some fruits and veggies as well as an instant noodle pack to make myself noodles infused with natural goodness ^o^

Dear Lord:

I pray for more energy this week to complete my assignments and to get a head start on my presentation~!

I also pray for Anthony. I cannot tell him, but his confidence is so dependent on others’ perception and observable outcomes. I pray that You let him realize that his confidence should originate more from his own innate qualities. I also pray for his situation. I believe in him and have faith in his ability to extract himself from the long-standing cycle that contributed to his depression this year. He is so amazing, truly, and that is why I love him so much.

In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen


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