My Gratitude Diary: Day 715+716


I am focused on me. I am strong. I love and am loved . I am blessed. I live in success. I have 幸せ~

I am grateful for the plentiful sleep

I am grateful for being able to avoid the rain for the last two days (well, for the most part anyway) ;P

I am grateful for the offer of help from a friend, and who apologized for not syncing his schedule, lol~

I am grateful for the work done over the last two days. Little me loves school~!

I am grateful for being able ot exert my rights yesterday by standing up to a client who was being racist and who didn’t even realize it~ He was incredibly ignorant about the issues on racisim and even thought he was right~! It never occurred to him that his behavior/conduct was discriminatory. For example, he was shocked upon finding that I happened to be able to speak English well and proceeded to grill me about where I’m from using various poorly-learned East Asian languages because he refused to believe that a Japanese can have “good English” Hello?! We’re in an English-speaking country! To be honest, I was not particularly angry, but found his reaction too amusing/ignorant so pushed it by purposely minimizing his anger, which further frustrated the guy. I’m still not sorry about what I did because he was clearly in the wrong, but I am apologetic that I may have lost a client for the business @.@

I am grateful for the fact that the client was not important, lol~ I checked, and he comes very rarely so no one really cared for him, haha~

I am grateful for the scolding from Mama to be only about not acting more “deceptively” towards clients and to swallow the offense~ I was sorry to her and to the business as a whole, but not when it comes to dealing with this guy who clearly had no clue about what he was saying. I went home and thought about my behavior and no, I had no regrets~!

I am grateful for the fact that the guy’s night was clearly ruined while mine wasn’t~ I actually did not feel badly at all towards him and had a good night after. In a way I cannot believe I am saying this because it goes against my preaching of kindness and forgiveness, but I have to be honest and say I do not have a single ounce of regret because he perpetutated the discrimination with gross ignorance and even resorted to deception and low tricks when he failed to find a stereotypical meek, Japanese girl to satsify his ego *puff puff*

I am grateful for all the food I had to keep me company as I worked and worked ^o^

Dear Lord:

I actually pray for a chance to meet this guy on the streets, outside of our business, so that I can have a chance to baka-slap this fool into the right frame of mind, mwahahaha~! Well, only if You think it’s okie and not too self-righteous of little me… >.<

In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen


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