My Gratitude Diary: Day 849+850+851+852


I am focused on me. I am strong. I love and am loved dearly. I am blessed. I live in success. I have 幸せ (happiness)~

I am grateful for the sleep I had, however little, over the past few days~ I need more of it though – LOTS MORE~!!!

I am grateful for surviving the rough week. Honestly, I have no idea how I survived or even managing to stay awake right now. I’ve been subsisting on very, very little food, water, and sleep over the last few days, not to mention that my living conditions had been compromised horribly by the “demolition”. The new building inspection was the same as my last landlord’s – they were guilty of building illegal suites within their house so then to pass the city inspection, they forced the tenants to go a week without their home by disguising their work as “renovation”. I called and confirmed with the city that what my landlord is doing is illegal, but as this implicates my home, I cannot report the full details. At least the inspection was done very fast, for which I am grateful

I am grateful for the work to last only three days and that I had the foresight to do work in advance so as not to fall behind on school~

I am grateful for being able to take time off to supervise the workers personally. Unlike next door who left their suite to their landlord’s mercy, I chose to stay and monitor the entire progress, which I know it prevented them from going through my personal belongings and further invading my privacy. Most importantly, it prevented them from making more messes and pressured them to be more efficient~ I couldn’t care less that the workers saw me at my worst (messy hair, horrible complexion due to stress, hunger, and dehydration), because had I not been there, my suite would have surely been invaded and they even would have taken out my W/D~!!! My previous W/D!!! The next-door got theirs taken out and other stuff but because I stayed I managed to save it  >.<

I am grateful for my landlord to be at least civilized during some parts. He also joined in on the efforts and I saw how tired he was, which was deserved because he did this to himself by being illegal but still~ Apparently, his father-in-law and brother-in-law are also in the scheme because they run a entire operation where they do this on a weekly basis~ I can’t believe they make a living out of running an illegal underground business…

I am grateful for the promise of sushi~ He offered to take me out, but I really want his huggles and affection more than food at the moment~

I am grateful for the fun work shift I had last night~ I was able to go out because the workers were done yesterday afternoon, which left me time to clean a bit and tidy myself up for the party~ It was really fun, actually, and I had lots to eat, which was helpful~ I also drank tons of champagne because I felt like letting go after this stressful week~ Lol, this confirmed to me that yes, I really have great potential to drink~

I am grateful for Hide to be so nice by helping me with my zipper~! The zipper on my jacket got stuck again, and I ran up to Hide and showed it to him. He immediately knelt down to help me with it, which was soooo sweet 🙂

I am grateful for Hiro’s attention, lol~ He’s totally hitting on me but had to refrain because he has a girlfriend, which I find kind of cute~

Dear Lord:

Please give me my energy back and for the rest of my cleaning to go well~! I feel much better after cleaning, despite it cost me to stay up for 30+ hours~


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