My Gratitude Diary: Day 861+862


I am focused on me. I am strong. I love and am loved dearly. I am blessed. I live in success. I have 幸せ (happiness)~

I am grateful for being able to fall asleep so fast~ I’ve been very tired due to the little sleep, but have been managing to stay up to do work, for which I am grateful~

I am grateful for having enough food to last me this tiring weekend!

I am grateful for the help from my family~

I am grateful for the help from my friends 🙂

I am grateful for having peace and calm when I received my landlord’s crazy eviction notice~ So, now that the inspection was over, he decided to break his promise to reduce my rent and asked me for the full rent despite tearing down my kitchen and forcing me to hide my things to pretend that I don’t exist~ As always, he is being completely illegal, unlawful, immoral, and unethical.It’s a good thing he gave me the notice, because now I can use that to file a formal report, which will only add to the evidence of his greed and blatant disregard for the law~ Little me will win again for sure, and this time, I WILL NOT hold back to defend my rights and my little home~! Roarrr~!!!

I am grateful for his telling me about his phone and for him remembering that I’ve a final due tomorrow, lol~ So he broke his phone and had to tell me via social media~ Good timing, as I was just thinking about baka-slapping him for being slow, haha~

I am grateful for a great dinner tonight~ I had to leave the party early to come home to finish my project, but at least I get to see everyone and get another jar of skin cream ^o^

I am grateful for my inspiration while working on my final project~!

Dear Lord:

I pray for energy and inspiration while I persevere tonight to finish my final~ I also pray that You continue to give me strength to deal with my unlawful landlord~ I’ll win for sure, no doubt~.^

In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen

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