Courage to do right by you and your current partner

*I wrote this for a client last year. I don’t know if I still have the ownership to this piece, but I know I still have the rights to claim the heart behind the work and to relinquish it forever. I never want to be there, ever again, and I know I never will :)*…

Sad Songs are not for Broken Hearts: Random Thoughts

After a broken heart: You cry, tirelessly You hurt, profoundly because You loved foolishly Your tears beckon to the end of the world. So, you drown yourself in sad songs, very sad, sad songs allowing the melody to cure poison yourself as if a broken heart is not already torture enough. You did not choose…

Drunk Question: A Line

Nee, can I still call myself a teetotaler when I have tasted the beer lingering in your mouth …and gotten myself drunk?

“I’m-possible”: A Line

The more the voices around me say that it’s impossible The more I remain steadfast in my faith that it is possible Everyone reads “impossible” as “impossible” But they’re reading it all wrong, because what I see before me is actually “I’m possible~!” ^o^

Sweet Indulgence: A Line

I listed as one of my criteria for my ideal man this: “Whenever I have my little moments, you would smile gently and humor me by calling me cute, even when I’m not~” You remembered and always indulged me in my little moments, which that is why I chose to be yours (your kitty)~.^

Mr. Right: A Line

You are always on my right because you are my Mr. Right 🙂 (And I’m always right to you because I’m your Ms. Right~.^) You: “Oh, [name], you could do no wrong in my eyes.” I love you for that~ How you, without hesitation, reassured me that I’d always be right~ Thank you, my beloved….

Reminder: A Line

I write down these lines so that I will remember to forget about them. Each thought is siphoned from my heart and attached to the end of each entry as my pensieve~


I don’t miss you anymore. How can I miss someone who is always with me? I don’t hurt when I hear his songs anymore. Because of you~ I don’t feel lost anymore. How can I be lost when you are there to lead me? I don’t cry out of sadness anymore. Because my tears are…

Do You Ever…?

Nee, do you ever wonder …why it feels so wrong without me? …why it takes so little of me to fill you up? …why you could never help yourself when it comes to me? …why you always have the most lovely and powerful visceral reactions for me? …why you get confused about me? …why you…

New Year Love Story

Happy New Year, my beloved familiar, my love~ I’m continuing our love story this year and forever more. You’ll return to me to cup my hands in yours and, together, we will compose the most beautiful love story of our lives~ It’s midnight. I’m on the other side of the planet flying back to your…