Scent of Night

That year, cherry blossoms were in full red bloom That night, moonlight was shone through misty shades You lit up your eyes for me to reveal me your soul and burn your life into mine For whom the blush fades thin? For whom the soul dyes red? The passion is wine The night is aged…

The Melancholy of Cassandra

Two years ago, you asked: “How did you know?” “You told me, silly~” Sometimes, this is the truth. You would tell me things whenever you are in your most natural state. When you allow your emotions to be free, without restrain, without mistrust When you let down your guard and stop doubting yourself and me…

“to hate is an easy lazy thing…”

Reminding myself that love is the harder to do, but it is the right choice, always~ Sharing Buttons Below! Source: “to hate is an easy lazy thing…”

Dreams: A Line

I would rather have scary nightmares with you in them than pretty dreams without you in any~


I wish I could send you more pictures of little me in that tiny white dress~ *Click click* went the camera *Thump thump* went my heart I was trying to be cute but all the time I was thinking of you~ Would you think me cute if I put one paw up and meowed? Would…

Found: Part II

“Hey…. I hope you enjoyed the wonderful weather we had this weekend :)” You said, when you found me again. You weren’t sure, but decided to be brave like I prayed~ You traded your youthful impulse for control and confidence like I prayed~ You lost a bit of your boyishness, but gained a maturity that…

Lost: Part I

“Meow, I’m a lost little kitty. Take me home?” So you did and Fed me your famous smoothie Gave me your blue shirt to wear as pajamie~ Gently put me to bed Snuggly under the covers~ Warming me as my oven… You grinded your teeth again that night~ Whispering my name over and over again…


Laying in your bed chewing my lips~ Nom nom nom Almost beddy time? You finished brushing your teeth and jumped into bed Heading straight for me Kyaa~~~o(*>ω<*)o But You stopped “I… can’t”  「(゚<゚)゙?? “What do you mean? You can’t what?” “I can’t. I’ve got work tomorrow” “What do you mean?” For someone who seemed to…

I only remember~

I remember every little thing you have done for me whether or not you remember them. The smallest of gestures still move me to tears and put a smile on my face whenever I remember them. The way you stumbled with words whenever I outwit you and call you baka. The knee-jerk panic reaction you…

Hi there~

I’m demanding expecting an enthusiastic, “Hxxl yes!” from you~ Just like when I told you that I was bringing myself over on your favorite day of the week ^o^  


I still love the rain, especially when it falls on our day~ because it makes cold, little me look all the more forward to the prospect of snuggling up beside big, warm you~ Nee, carry me back to your apartment again when you see me next, okie? ^w^

Fickle is Me when I’m with You~

With any other guy >^< With you ^o^ No means no with anyone else~ but it may be a shy yes or maybe with you >.< Just because~.^ when it comes to you Little me don’t know what to do //>.<//