Burlesque is Sexy but… @.@

We’ve been dancing to Beyonce’s “Crazy In Love” (50 Shades of Grey Version) and have been taught how to do this slinky new move that involved a face plant on the floor. I appreciate how sensual it can be of having your entire body sliding down slowly and gracefully to the floor, but being one…

Burlesque is Sexy and Makes a Girl Frisky~

We’re actually learning the choreography straightaway instead starting from the basics. As I am quite petite, it has been difficult to see the instructor up front and observe my form in the mirror. I am able to catch up with the choreography as long as I can see, but, due to the abovementioned factors, I’ve…

Seductive Siren or Vivacious Vixen?

Lady of the Night: I believe I mentioned this before, but my clients have commented on my voice and have been requesting for me to sing. I still have not “sold” my voice yet, but am considering to add singing to my repertoire – the only challenge is which one to choose out of so…

Shadow Play

Without dance mirrors at home, I found that I can achieve (barely) similar results when I use my own shadows while practicing my dance. The shadow does exaggerate my figure: I feel it makes me look like a blown-up Barbie~

Burlesque is Sexy but hurts like Crazy

I’ve recently taken to the art of Burlesque Dancing. The moves are specifically designed to accentuate the dancer’s figure and form. It sure makes a girl feel awfully sexy, especially after donning the associated attire. I shall reserve my performances to private sessions, for now~.^