Chibimoekko’s Top 10 Believe-it-or-nots


I think I’m pretty normal and (hopefully) little known online. But, in real life, little me seems to inspire a variety of strange questions because of my “mysterious properties” and general eccentricities. One description I consistently receive is that, by long odds, I am the most bemusing of all people have ever met. Basically, I’m a walking contradiction in many ways. So, just for fun, I’ve compiled the top 10 below:

  1. I don’t know how old I am. Believe it or not, I HONESTLY don’t know. I have a legal age recorded on my official documents, which elicits startled second glances and confused looks that alternate between my face and the number on paper at least 95% of the time when shown to others. My biological age is undetermined. It sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. When asked, the answers my parents give also varies because they cannot remember. This is due to 3 main reasons: 1) culture, 2) I’ve managed to counter the effect of aging (verified by science, mwhaha) which, as the years pass, only serve to increasing confuse those around me, and 3) my family never bothered to remember and I don’t tell people my birthday
  2. I score as an INFJ – thrice on separate occasions and on different tests. Assuming good test-retest reliability and validity, I’m guessing I am as described by the Briggs-Myers Personality Types. I must note that I’m not really fond of pop psychology, so I did a blind review test and found it to be pretty accurate and reflective of my life. I always have people complaining that I’m too private. In school, it’s actually one of the most frequent comments on my report cards, and at several times caused great concerns from zealous educators keen on figuring me out. Most recently, a classmate pointed out openly how I’m the only one who doesn’t have her email posted. In my personal life, maintaining my privacy seems to arouse undue suspicion, such as in my volunteer work. My privacy leads me to hold an ambivalence towards this blog because though it is publicized, it also feels odd knowing there are people who read it. Initially I did meant for everything to be private, but then when I started getting responses I realized everything I wrote was public material. Upon this discovery, I shared some of my stories to a popular blog that found and followed little me. It ended up generating lots of positive sentiments, which was encouraging to me at the time. Knowing that my stories encouraged people were comforting, so I wrote on, but I think ultimately I’m still more comfortable with remaining largely unknown. For now, I think I try to maintain my balance by adopting a blogging/writing style that is rather unattractive to general readers and remembering that my main purpose is to write for msyelf~       
  3. I look like I’ve defied the aging process. The reactions I elicit get better/worse with time, as the older my legal & biological age, the larger the discrepancy ;P
  4. I do things that make people go, “Whhhhyyyyy?!?!” I think this happens a lot because people generally expect actions to be motivated by conditions. For example, you buy a girl a drink because you want to ask her out, or you work at so-and-so job for income or passion. However, I often do things with no obvious reasons. For things involves only myself (e.g., my side jobs), I do have my reasons. However, for things related to other people (e.g., being extra kind to people who did not-so-nice things to me or make food for random people), I really don’t have any ulterior intentions other than the fact that I just want to do so, but of course, this also makes people suspicious which makes little me :*(  
  5. I have OCD (Obsessive Cleaning Disorder) and am a closet housewife. My uxorial tendencies know no bounds and would often lead me to encroach upon people’s spaces, leaving a trail of cleanliness in my wake… Many have tried to stop me, but somehow I manage to evade them @.@
  6. Coffee is a narcotic for me; sugar, a stimulant. This is self-explanatory.
  7. I am formerly a teetotaler but have high alcoholic tolerance. Like all superheroes, my secret power was accidentally discovered at work when, by mistake of the servers, I downed several few tequila?/vodka? shots meant for other girls. To everyone’s surprise, for someone with practically nil experience with alcohol, I suffered no changes in my mental capacities or physical state. My face did not even turn red, which should have happened given my pale complexion and tendency to blush (potential rosacea). That’s when the servers and bartenders deemed that I have great “potential to drink”…
  8.  I am a bit of an 大食い (oogui/big eater). I just eat… a LOT. My peak hours are past midnight and right before bedtime, but miraculous I always wake up with a flat belly ^o^
  9. I often get asked: “Are you (for) real?” I don’t get why people keep asking this question. At night, clients often ask this because they could not believe a girl would have the voice I have or answer things the way I do. For example, clients would often tell me that I resemble a real-life anime character. My presentation also varies depending on context and people, which  doesn’t help either… This, of course, leads to…
  10. I have different identities and compartmentalize each one. Like all, I feel that my personality is fluid and is on a continuum, but it’s just that I express it more outwardly and the distinctly than others. However, ultimately, I am just little me, and no matter which persona I don, I don’t deviate from my core by being a shy student in one while a profanity-prone prostitute in another, lol~